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psychic medium
Languages: en,fr
Email readings: No
Experience: 20-25 years
Topics: angel card reading,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body years

*** THE BEST LOVE PREDICTIONS & TIME FRAMES *** ***** FEATURED ORANUM EXPERT!... *** Hello - I am here to guide you in the right direction in your Life with Truth, Clarity and Accurately! Every reading is given with COMPASSION and HONESTY!! I specialize in Couples Relationship Compatibility by using my NATURAL GIFT and the Astrological Chart to give you a full Dimensional Interpretation and Prediction in Love, Sex, Friendship and Karma (Future, Destiny). These compatibility results will reveal your Esoterically Capacity for a Successful Relationship between You and Your (Ex) Partner. ************************************************************* I DO NOT utilize Tarot Cards and I DO NOT Give free readings in the public chat room. ALL Full In Depth Predictions, Meditations and Solutions are given in Private Readings ONLY! * * * Pleas note: I can read his / her mind in private reading only.... Thx for understanding * * * I will ask and need your Birth Name, Birth Place and Date of Birth of You and Your Lover. ************************************************************* STUDIES & ACTIVITIES - I have University Degree in Science and Masters Degree in Law & Psychology - I am currently an active member of Parapsychology Institute of Asia & Australia. - I am an Experienced Trained Psychic & Hypnosis Specialist and it can be offered to members of Oranum. Please ask me for more information. ************************************************************* To all the current members who have had private reading(s) with me (3000 or more) - I would like to Thank You for your continued support! To all new members, I look forward to meeting and speaking with you soon! For your information I speak French and English. I am here for my clients on Monday - Friday from 5pm - 7pm PST and Additional hours as they are available for you on Saturday(s) & Sunday(s). Yours sincerely, AAAPredict ************************************************************************* Few Relevant TESTIMONIALS: AMAZING AAA!!!!!!!! Truly accurate: no hints, no details, no info, he knows everything before you asked! Brilliant. xxxx fretan, Bale You are the best ever . i will like to do reading again . i like the fact that he is also very spiritual and care about people . please don't hesitate to chose him as yout favorite pyshic. rosemddg1, Frisco Very forthright and honest. His talent to see into thoughts and feelings of others is pretty scary, but he can give great advice, warnings, and good news. One of the best psychics I have had a reading from. persephonestears, us Everything he said was true when he was reading my partners mind thanks AAApredict lady60, usa The BEST on Oranum. ull be plleasantly surprised. 10 STARS!!!!!! crizantema, toronto Truly on point with everything......... I mean everything! What a blessing! love522, Atlanta You are the best ever . i will like to do reading again . i like the fact that he is also very spiritual and care about people . please don't hesitate to chose him as yout favorite pyshic. rosemddg1, Frisco 1000 stars!!!! Spot on with everything! I am so happy with this reading. He is fantastic! Dymples2, PA AMAZING, AWESOME, THE BEST, CARING, DEDICATED, EXCELLENT, FUNNY, GENUINE, HONEST, INTELLIGENT, JOYFUL, LOVING, ETC. ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! GOOD AS ALWAYS AAAPREDICT!!! saskia82, trinidad This man AAAPredict is goood! Wow! Wow! 5Stars ***** LOVERBOY , City of love Great reader, very calm, types everything so accomodates for the potentially dodgy connection speeds. Explains everything quickly but clearly allowing you to ask questions and gives you time to ask questions. Will be back! He is amazing, he really helps to put things in perspective and help you to understand where your path is headed. He is very honest and forthcoming of what he sees. I thank him very much for his help:) BritLyn, Reading I will definitely be back for updates, have truly given me extremly good clear insights on what to expect in my personal situation. I am not just giving you 5 stars but a million, sorry I took so long to come see you! Ty a lot for your help, it is a real hearfelt appreciation from me! :))) saskia82, trinidad AWESOME!!! He doesn't waste your time, he gets your info and you come back after and he goes to the point!! So far the best reading I had! I will come back! thank you!!! starwars4, calgary This guy is very accurate. He knows what he's doing and tells the truth he also helps you fix issues and tells you how, very trust worthy man. Thank you so much AAAA YOUR ACE.. katzhouse, aussie There are no words to describe how acurate and precise AAAPredict is! I had another reading today that was far beyond anything I could have dreamed. He is helping me to resolve my mental and physical problems a little at a time. I cannot recommend him enough. With his help and encouragement I have lowered my blood pressure without medication. The energy that I receive and retain after every reading has taken my life to a whole new level. I feel super-charged and ready to conquer the world! Before I met AAAPredict I was ready to crawl under a rock and die. He saved my life. He has shown me how beautiful life really is and how to live without regrets or worrying about negative people or places. HE IS THE BEST! I will never stop having readings with AAAPredict. He was sent by God to help and save me - he has done that and so much more. My family and freinds tell me that I am a different person than I was 2 months ago, they are right. I am alive now and living life to the fullest. Miss Kitty, LA Remarkable, AAApredict is wonderfull man .I am so thankful to God for sending me to a man like him .. it is very hard to fine people as kind as he is . He was very precisely about every thing he told me and very quick too ,he went striaght to the point . I am so grateful to have choosen him. please!!! for every one out there if you are looking for the real true man of God and a true psychic AAApredict is the man to see. I will use him again woow is the word.. Thank you AAApredict and i thank God also . stay bless 2grace, frisco This was exactly what I needed. He is amazing and He told me exactly what was going on and what was to happen. Please take him private! he is one of the best! Lourdy, New York This man is the real deal and leads you to God and seeking him. wow he was spot on in such a different way to the others on here. He can see what others do not and how to stop hindrances; by praying to God. Amazing. You have help a lot ty. dawn, london GREAT Guy! He is very good you will not be disappointed. I wasn't. I just wish I had money to see him more often. And he keeps in touch, I think he really cares! :) Deborah, Scottsboro WOW! Great reading! He saw stuff I never thought he could see! Powerful! I hope it all comes true! NJSims2000, Dallas, TX HIGHLY RECOMMEND ....i just finish my reading and this man is awesome... what a delight to chat with. He was absolutely on point about my concerns i had about my current bf. But what blew my mind was all the information he accurately gave me about my X bf, who had been on my mind so much lately. im still at awwwwww. i cant wait to get him back. AAAPREDICT has giving me a new perspective about my Spiritual and love.. I will be back soon. pgfinest, hyattsville, md Very honest and accurate I was surprised by what he said but he only speaks the truth ..he is recommended nassd89, nj AAA I really outstanding! He is so great at making the predictions. Everything he says is true! mja2011, San Francisco AAA great reading as always and like his reading and energy .... you are super AAA Giittuu, USA Excellent with time frames and quick MMaria, London I feel calmer and peace after the reading, he is very helpful, he will tell you everything that u should know.. he is worth to have private with him.. u wont regret it... msliz, oasis He was so accurate i told him nothing but my dates and he knew it all!!!! gave me a time frame so I'm hopeful, for now ill go ahead and get an email reading bc i was so impressed about what he said i want more insights!!!! Laprincess, Greenville He was very peaceful and pleasant and he did see another woman - and gave good advice. star13, Vancouver Truly special! patient and kind..please give him your time. He gives a great deal and will provide a great deal. A blessing really..try:) penelope30, washington, DC He is telling me about myself before I can tell him! Very accurate, freindly and professional. I will return often to resolve my issues. miss kitty, LA AAA is amazing and you need to take him pvt to believe how great he is,he is very caring and gentle man you will not be sorry to have him read for you.i will be back! marsylyttle, Ireland AAA Predict is amazing! He is helping me to get my life back on track through a series of readings. He is 100% accurate, very professional and genuinely cares about my progress. I can't recommend him enough! You must experience a reading! Miss Kitty, LA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please read more than 100 testimonials in MEMBER SAID ABOUT ME area... Yours sincerely, AAAPredict