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Languages: en
Email readings: No
Experience: 3 years
Topics: pendulum,dream interpretation,crystal reading,clairvoyance,crystal healing,holistic healing,natural healing,chakra healing,angel readings,angel communication,angel healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

Angel Channeler & Certified Angel Card Reader. Connect with the Angels and Your Guardian Angels and get detailed advice. They help you find solutions to your concerns about life. ABOUT ANGEL7AR: I have been in private practice for 4 years as a Certified Holistic Structured Energy Worker for the Body and along my journey incorporated the Angels to be a part of it to provide both mental and physical healing for the body and to solve my clients’ challenges with daily life. I have had some profound, unique, and mystical experiences with the Angels and would like to share this knowledge with you as we get to know one another. This psychic ability presented itself to me because of the energy work that that I have been involved with for over the past 13 years. It actually opened up my life to be a clear vessel to receive clear and concise messages from the Angels. I look forward to helping as many people as possible connect with the Angels and learn how to make their life more spiritual and uplifting. WHAT TYPES OF SERVICES DO I PROVIDE? *Psychic and Angel Channeler * Certified Angel Card Reader *Certified Energy Healer and Holistic Practitioner *Angel Therapy *Chakra Clearing *Removal of Psychic Attacks WHAT AREAS OF EXPERTISE CAN I HELP YOU WITH? * Getting the truth from the Angels about any and all concerns or situations. The Angels are Non- denominational, so it does not matter what religion or faith you are. * Connect you to your Guardian Angels to find out their names and their personalities *Love Life *Relationships *Family Life * Soul Mates *Career *Life Purpose *Health and Wellness THREE TYPES OF READINGS: I work with the Angel Tarot Cards and other Oracle Card decks related to Health, Romance, and Life Purpose. I recommend you take detailed notes during the session so you can reflect back on the reading for the weeks or months ahead. 1. You can ask Direct Questions and I can channel the Angels through the cards to give you personalized guidance in regards to each card and what it means to your life in explicit detail along with the Angels guidance on how to move forward in the best direction for your life. The Angels will help you solve your problems and help you understand what action to take to make your dreams come true. They will lovingly clarify each point for you to lead you in the right direction. (I recommend at least a 20 -30 minute session for a 5 card reading and an hour session for a 10 card reading allowing for more detail. I also do timeline card readings to give you a better understanding of when things will take place.) 2. You can ask me just to do a Straight Channeling to find out “What the Angels Want You to Know”. This may mean validation for the path you have chosen or even new ideas and insights you have not even thought about yet. 3. Health Readings, Angelic Healing incorporated with Structured Energy Work for the Body. Any concern or issue you have with your health will benefit. I can find out what the root causes are for your health and remove the blocked energy allowing your physical body to heal itself natural. The majority of my clients feel relief immediately and other times it may happen gradually over a few weeks. (Please do not drink Alcohol or take any type of drug unless prescribed by a Doctor following the session) Doing so may block the energy session from working. Sessions are by the half hour and by the hour. (Please consult your Physician for medical advice especially if you know you have a serious injury or illness). WHAT ARE CLIENTS SAYING ABOUT THEIR CONNECTIONS WITH THE ANGELS AND ANGEL7AR? *Amazing lady! :) Really connects and channels with the Angels! Very interesting, really worth a private :) Thank you very much. xx Jodyleelee, Cumbria, UK She was right on the money, wow she was impressive. Get a reading from her “wow” is all can say... Smurfgiant, Glenwood, MN You know what… I have a great respect and belief in her skill and the Angel cards. I feel like I was really, really helped. Almost a catharsis. Frank J, D I want to say she did a 3 card reading with me and hit it dead, she did a reading about my marriage and I didn’t tell her anything. She told me the answers and new things that no one would of knew. Great reading for sure. Thank you so much. Sandrachilcott72, Huntington Amazing connection! If you can, you must have a reading with Angel7AR. A lot of information, clear and concise. She has cleared up a lot of things for me, and given me a confirmation that was very timely. I can't thank her enough! Newness, Brooklyn Oh my God!!!!! I feel like I have been in direct connection with my Angels. I feel great after listening to her and everything was so crystal clear. Thank you so much!!! This will help a lot. 69wondering, DC LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The following information is for your protection. For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only. This service is offered to persons over 18 years of age with their personal will and no one is compelled. No reading, prediction and/or remedy given by me should be a substitute for appropriate professional advice on any matter of occupation, health, pregnancy, fertility, birth, death, legal matters, finance etc. All decisions, choices and /or actions are the responsibility of the client.