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Languages: en,de,it,hr
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 30- years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

LIFE COACH READER Soulmate is relationship when you and yours partner have same energy .You must have same energy for love for sex for future for job and much more. If it is not same energy it is not real relationship. .But we need think positive .always positive and believe to myself . i deserve to the best . i have finished college i have job. So if you have all energies in balance you are strong person and has nice future . But yours partner need to have same energy . If yours partner have not same energy relationship will be bad . Check yours energy . I can also balanced yours enegy . Also you need to have SPIRITUAL SUPPORT from heaven. Yu must have minimum three angels aroun you . They must protected you. If you dont have yours future will be unhappy. I was death at my 33 years . It was heart attack. .And was in one white field with angels . They told me You must come back to help people. At that time i was electronic engener and did not believe to spiritual world.But almost 30 years i i am connected with angels and can to help people.Dont worry there is not distance . When you call me i am at same time connected with you. So if you call me private you can check yours energy and every energy . does he love me ,my job my study my health my relationship But future must be in yours head . Only you can change future and improve .yours life For better future everybody need to have LIFE COACH. AND SPIRITUAL GUIDE We live in first level .It is material level. Second dimensions is energy level .This is ours chakra connections between spiritual world and ours body . Third is ours aura field It is connections between spiritual and chakra . There is one color around us. We have diferent color of aura. Fourth is angels level Support angels for life , Workers angels . They help if you give order to him. Everybody must have minimum three angels Fifth level is dimensions where are archangel Six level is for prophiets like jesus buddha mohammad krishna moses and another They are one step under god. Seven level is god. so we need to know ours level . As you are on higher level you are lucky you have more happyness in life. This is my way for yours help . I can read yours energy and only with great energy you can be health and happy .Also i am CHAKRA HEALER MASTER ENERGY and CLAIRVOYANT