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Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: vedic astrology,chinese astrology,karmic astrology,indian astrology,western astrology,numerology readings,dream interpretation,feng shui,chakra healing,home and family,mind and body,lost and found years

True LOVE is the love you share with your Twinflame Soulmate.♣♣♣ ♣♣♣ GIFTED CHAKRA HEALER ♣♣♣ LIFE COACH ♣♣♣ ENERGY WORKER ♣♣♣ Based on Distant Energy Viewing, reading your partner or ex-partner's or anyone else's energy through yours I will help you with: ♣ Love issues ♣ Marriage ♣ Relationship ♣ Soulmates ♣ Break up ♣ Divorce ♣ Health ♣ Cheating ♣ sex & intimacy ♣ Career ♣ Finance ♥ Do you feel stressed in your current love life? ♥ Are you apart with the one you love? ♥ Insecure about your loved one? ♥ Is he/she cheating on me? ♥ Where is my life going? ♥ Is that person worthy of my love? ♥ Why can't my partner and I get along? ♥ Will this be a long-term relationship? ♥ Will I be satisfied with this relationship? Your soulmate is the person who will maximize your soulmate ratio and vice versa. If another person exists that has the ability to give you a higher soulmate ratio than the person you are with, then the person you are with is not your soulmate. No one in this world, including being by yourself, could make you happier than being in love with your soulmate. True love is the love you share with your soulmate. You can find out about the type of soulmates from here: Feeler Clairsentience picks up thoughts, feelings and experiences that manifest as a feeling. What they are feeling is energy translated into a feeling. Their sense of touch is well-developed and they have the ability to know people by feeling what they feel. Energy Reading/Viewing – reading your energy to see balance of all chakras. Remote Energy Viewing, reading your partner or ex-partner's or anyone else's energy through yours. This is amazingly accurate and helps to give you an idea of how he or she is feeling. ****** Email readings ****** 1) Check compatibility with your partner 2) Information needed from member: (name, date of birth, place) 3) 1 question email reading - 14.99 4) Horoscope reading - 24.99 ♣♥♣♥♣♥ ABOUT ME ♣♥♣♥♣♥ I am a Master Energy Healer and Reiki certified. I am an experienced Love/Relationship and Life Coach.I could tell you what your partner thinks and feels about you and what actions he/she would take in future. I am empathic and intuitive with chakra balancing abilities. I genuinely do care about people, want the very best for everyone, and I will help you as much as I can with your questions. Whether you have a question about Love, Relationship, Career, Finances, or any other question, I feel confident I can provide you with an answer. A scalar energy connection is like a wave that is connected through space and pulses back and forth. You are one end-point of the wave and I am the other. Then through the physics principle of entrainment, when two objects come into contact their vibrations work to synchronize with each other. After I have established the scalar wave connection and feel the push/pull force with you, then I imagine my body is your body and give a reiki treatment to my body, which because we are connected we both experience. Through this physical process of entrainment our vibrations will increase which excites the nervous system and generates a force in the body which has the capability to 'do healing work' to open and enhance reduced flows of energy which are part of the root cause of your problem. When flows are enhanced and opened at the lowest level, then later when cells in this area of the body are replaced, it results in healed tissue. Energy healing is like laying down a new blueprint at the lowest level which prior was non-existent or not open and then when you grow (as cells are replaced), the new form is made = healed. This is why one distance healing can have lasting effects over several months depending upon how much the nervous system regenerated. ♣♥♣♥♣♥ MEMBER SAID ABOUT ME: ♣♥♣♥♣♥ Brama has worked with me for almost 1 year now and oh such growth I have experienced! My internal life is so rich now, I am resonating at a much higher vibrational frequency, and all of my friends and family see this change. They say things like there's something different about you- what is it? I smile and say I am connecting to my life's purpose, what could be more profoundly life altering than that! The change is always internal first. Once I changed, those around me changed or they simply went away. No effort, no work, it is a very naturally occurring result of connecting with source and finding your life's purpose. Once you are there it is heaven on earth. Thank You Brama for your expert guidance and most of all your genuine care for others. - Teresa → Wow, he is wonderful and his healing is spectacular ! So happy to have found him here. Namaste!!! (sacredlove71, United States) → This is the next day from making a connection with my chakra’s and I am very sensitive to energy work, and today I am now feeling … a relaxation in the chakra’s that both acknowledged were blocked a bit, and I hear some of the words he said to help me. I am focused now on making those changes, one step at a time. Releasing that 1st chakra is huge. I have to come back to him so we can work together. I felt one with him, his presence in melding and healing is strongly felt today. Thank you Brahma, I will be back. Love and many blessings to you, every day, in all you do. HUGS!!! (Panina, Orem, Utah, USA) → He is really good at balancing people’s energy. I would recommend him for example to balance your energy when you are going through bad times, or before a major event. He will send you the energy you need to do well. Thank you! (HopeForTheFuture, Calgary) → Brama1 is a gentle-man and highly intuitive person. He is very effective in sensing in-balances and locating the corresponding chakra. After 2 sessions I know he is a gifted healer. He is connected to white light and is an open channel – I have benefited greatly and wish to thank him for his assistance. My journey has begun. (teresasan, New York) WELCOME TO MY FREE CHATROOM - ALL GUEST MUST REGISTER TO JOIN THIS FREE CHAT - SO CLICK THE REGISTRATION LINK AT THE TOP TO JOIN ORANUM - ITS FREE QUICK EASY & FUN TO BE A MEMBER OF OUR SITE - SO BECOME A MEMBER AND JOIN THE CHAT AND ASK YOUR QUESTION NOW PURPOSE OF THIS FREE CHAT In here you can join our conversation ask ONE FREE GENERAL QUESTION. Any QUESTIONS that involves relationship. job. money or future event will not be answered in free chat they will be answered in a PRIVATE READING. There will be NO FREE READINGS GIVEN or MULTIPLE questions ANSWERED to one given person. however.... I will be available for a PRIVATE READING at anytime you are. Everyone is welcome to stay & chat with others in the room BUT ... If the RULES are not met. I have no choice but to kick/ban that member and if needed inform the managers of ORANUM.COM to ban your member name These are the rules of MY FREE CHAT so, follow THE RULES and enjoy your stay :) FOR ALL MEMBERS HAVING ANY TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES PLEASE TRY THE FOLLOWING: 1) Please clean cache and delete cookies from your browser; 2) Clean Flash cache memory: --- click on