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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: mayan astrology,palmistry,pendulum,rune divination,dream interpretation,reiki,crystal healing,holistic healing,natural healing,chakra healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,finance and law,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!!!! FREE E-MAIL READING FOR EVERY LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP READING WE HAVE TOGETHER!!!! 2 FOR 1!!! 5 STAR INTERNATIONALLY RENOWNED EMPATH. HIGHLY ACCURATE. CELEBRATED AS ONE OF ORANUM'S TOP PSYCHICS ANSWERING QUESTIONS ON LOVE, CAREER, ROMANCE, BUSINESS, FINANCE, EDUCATION! CURIOUS ABOUT A PAST LIFE? ARE YOU WITH YOUR SOUL MATE OR TWIN FLAME? WE CAN FIND OUT!!!! LGBT FRIENDLY! I am a 15+ year conscious empath. A conscious empath is someone who is able, at will, to extend and connect with another person through an energy and emotional connection to gain a better understanding of who that person is, and their situation. I use this ability to connect with the energies surrounding you and those involved in your life, and give clarity on motives, misunderstandings, and intentions. I am also clairvoyant (ability to see and know things beyond my reach) and clairsentient (ability to be present in more than one place at the same time). Do you know your spiritual guides? Have you connected with your animal totems? Have you noticed changes around you but haven't been able to put your finger on exactly what it is? I can help! As we travel further into our future, we continually grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. As we expand in these directions, higher levels of energy surround and fill us. These higher levels are what attract our guides, our totems, and allow us to manifest our dreams and desires; as well as our nightmares. I have helped many people develop a deeper connection within themselves, to realize the confidence, strength, and wisdom that they have been capable of their whole life! I invite you to join them. I read tarot cards from the deck Dorado de Klimt. I have used this exact deck for five years and have an extremely high accuracy rate with them. I treat them as a part of my body. With all of the energy and extension that this tool has directed effortlessly from me, they deserve that type of treatment! FAQ ›››› Will I get that promotion that I've been waiting on? ›››› My boyfriend says that he loves me, but does he really? ›››› I think that my spouse is cheating, can you confirm? ›››› Times are tough, will my business survive? ›››› School is important to me, but I'm not sure how I did this semester. Can you look into it for me? ›››› Have you always been this handsome? ;) Got an ex that just won't stay away? Anxieties from stressful situations got you down? Let me cut that cord! Cord cuttings are used whenever your energy is being pulled from you by an undesired event. Be it work, relationships. finance, etc. A cord cutting will sever the energy drain upon you and return you to the powerful level that you rightly should be at! Do you feel the need for one? Folks, I cannot give medical advice or offer to heal you physically with my abilities. While I do practice homeopathic medicine and holistic healing, this is not the place of practice for it. If you think that you have cancer, GO TO A DOCTOR!!! If you feel that you may be pregnant, pick up a pregnancy test from the drug store!!! While modern medicine is arrogant in many areas, professional diagnosis is most times accurate. Feel like you're losing your mind because for the past few months/years you've been able to feel others emotions, or know what they're going to do or say next before they do it? Large crowds starting to become WAY too much for you? Have you started blowing light bulbs out in your house on a regular basis? Well, I'm happy to tell you that you're not crazy, and definitely not alone! It's known as waking up, and many people do it each day! Daily, people come to me discussing the same fears, and all I can do is smile. What you're experiencing is the entering into your physical spiritual self. Face it, the world is changing, and we all know that out of all of the bad things that are happening, something beautiful has got to happen soon. That beautiful change is you, me, us. The change isn't easy though, and many people are convinced that they're lost their mind, or that they're being silly, and they never discuss it with anyone. I can help you ease through this change by teaching you the keys of understanding and using positively what you are now coming into. If this clicks for you, ask me more about it! How are you at making the things you want to happen, happen? Remember when you were really counting on something to occur for you, but it fell through? Well, that's called manifest, or the lack there of, and I can help you turn that around. Manifest is something that occurs whenever you have risen your vibration to a high enough level. At this level, manifest can occur naturally, all around you, all of the time. With a focused direction, you would be amazed by the doors that can open to you! Ask me about this! Finally, I would like to leave off by saying be blessed, and do good things just for the sake of doing good things. The more random beauty that we can bring to this world, the sooner our world will become a more beautiful place!