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psychic medium
Languages: en,hu
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 5-10 years
Topics: vedic astrology,chinese astrology,karmic astrology,indian astrology,western astrology,numerology readings,dream interpretation,feng shui,chakra healing,home and family,mind and body,lost and found years

DEAL OF THE DAY! 30 SEC YES/NO JUST FOR YOU FOR LESS THEN 1 USD IN PVT!!! COME AND TRY ME OUT!!! CHANNELING: Being in contact with angels and spirits, like deceased loved ones. SPECIALITIES: 2 in 1 I tell You what's up and the way, how can You reach Your goals. I will give you tools and explain technique in most of the cases. ┬ NO FAIRYTALES I'm fast and straight to the point. Hello dear friend While You are reading the followings, maybe I am up to be the ultimative┬ chatterbox of the Oranum again and while You are laughing, or keeping Your ears close, let me describe You┬ what I am in:┬ - I do channeling, that means, I am the postman of the angels. So I need no any details, except a short description┬ of Your story. I never use tools, like cards, pendulum, signs, etc.┬ I am an ADHD expert as well, so if You, or anyone else in Your family i involved, feel free to ask me! -While You are up to share Your very private issues with me because You have enough trust in me to do it┬ ((what I am really thankful of)), please keep an eye on the big button with the