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Languages: en,es
Email readings: No
Experience: 10-15 years
Topics: angel card reading,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body years

********* Mayan Astrology Readings & Radiesthesia ******Happy New Year to all my Friends and Clients here on Oranum! It's my pleasure to help you. I have been on Oranum since November 2011 and I love it here! BOOKINGS FILL UP QUICKLY SO get me anytime you see me you're welcome to interrupt my free chat and take me into private. SCHEDULE: I'm online most days 9am-9pm Central time (Costa Rica) You will find me in the CONSULT NOW mode that comes after the online people. When requested I'll drop my price to 1.49 per minute. So that you can get a completer 1 hour Mayan Astrology reading with the $100 credit package. ____________________________________________________________________ *You are the best! On point! Cosmicsister, has read me, my mom and dad and I can honestly say she knows her stuff all three were very accurate, siblings are next! 2brokenwings, Raleigh Wow! Cosmic Sister we are truly friends forever and I am honoured to have met you. Your reading was so enlightening, inspiring and truly incredible! *I had such a fun time with CosmicSister. I've never really known much about Mayan Astrology but after a couple minutes of getting my chart together we really hit the nail on the head. This is the kind of reading you want to save up for and spend 30-60 minutes with her. You will learn SO much about yourself. I will be definitely coming back to see her again. IndigoStars, grand rapids She is absolutely mind- blowing! I truly recommend her to everyone. really bubbly energetic and kind, and in actual fact opened my eyes to life in general, really mellow and up-beat and caught a really good vibe from her readings. I am definitely going to be back CosmicSister! you are definitely a true gem. *Cosmic sister is awesome! she explained my Mayan astrological sign to me and it was so relevant to me....i saw myself in her words and descriptions of my sign. it was very helpful and inspiring too. thanx cosmic :) i will be back to follow up on the astrology/horoscope with life and relationship. :) doloann, richmond, va SHE IS EXCELLENT, FUNNY, TRUTHFUL. YOU WANT THE TRUTH SHE'S THE ONE...XX THANK YOU, I WILL BE BACK! new, BBC Wow amazing reading and very fun too, i love the reading very much. lovelife, vegas _______________________________________________________________________________ HOW I WORK: I can give you answers to questions about a wide range of topics like compatibility with love, career, location, health criminology and more…with the use of radiesthesia and the Mayan Calendar. I work with TOOLS and use specifics like names, dates and photographs in order to give you information. I CAN TELL YOU: with the use of Radiesthesia*.and reading faces, hands and palms... 1) .specifics about people's disposition / personality/ attitude / health / desires 2) specifics about locations / products / investments / relationships 3) about pets and loved ones both in this world and in the spirit world 4) Love: what your partner likes / desires / needs 5) Compatibility: between couples / family members / employees / anyone 6) Career: I can tell you what career best suits your energy right now. How to improve productivity... 7) Random Specifics: Any important question you have I can answer about the best name for your business, the best way to see the people who you are involved with, who is best equipped to be charge, the best doctor for you, the best lawyer /teacher and people's thoughts and feelings. *Radiesthesia is The use of geophysics for spiritual guidance. Random and specific questions are answered with the use of pendulum. I CAN TELL YOU: with the Use of Mayan Calendar 1) everything about a persons talents / characteristics / careers / personality 2) If someone is advances: spiritually / socially or materially 3) what a person's Life Lessons are 4) What Kind of a Life a person lives if they have political power 5) Compatibility for Couples and Family Members... Get ready to Laugh! 6) The Most Auspicious days to Plan Special events according to Mayan Calendar 6) Past, Present, Future influences and more...! MAYAN ASTROLOGY READINGS Perfect for people who want to know more about their path in life, what they bring to this world, those who are interested in Mayan culture and those who want to understand their families, loved ones, and employees on a deeper level. • Your Mayan horoscope is based on birthday, What is needed? day, month and year of birth only. . It usually takes 1 hour to complete the astrology reading. Thirty minutes is also very informative. Then after I do your complete reading and you want more readings with me we can do Radiesthesia readings or Mayan Astrology for other people you you can find out more about others. The readings also make a great gift and are available by email. Two readings at $24.99 will be necessary in order for me to complete one Astrology reading in written form can be ordered here on Oranum!. • COMPATIBILITY STUDIES: For partners and couples. Order yours today! * CLASSES Ethics & cooperation Learn to make the Mayan calendar and be a day keeper! * Face and Hands reading: find out more about yourself & investigate your love interest or family members. To do this reading I will need you to send me a current photo of the person's face from straight on, the top of the hands with fingers naturally spread out, and a photo of the palms. Once I receive the photos we can do your reading by email or live when you see me on free chat! * Sometimes we just need A friend to talk to I am here for you. ____________________________________________________________________________ *FREE CHAT: Come and join the fun and meet the astrologist before getting a reading. Free Chat theme days: Mon.: Animals Tues: Costumes/ Nature Day Wed: Dreams Thurs: Mayan Science Frid.: Love Sat.: Native People Sun: Stories/ Revival day! For over 20 years, Cosmic Sister has counseled thousands of people with her amazingly accurate astrology readings & radiesthesia. And she has painted over 200 paintings! She has a back ground in holistic health and relates to people on many levels. She has been praised by clients as