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psychic medium
Languages: en,it
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 30- years
Topics: angel card reading,clairvoyance,angel readings,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,lost and found years

=== I BRING BACK YOUR LOST LOVE === OVER 2800 PERSON USE MY SPELLS AND NOW ARE HAPPY ====I AM QUEEN OF SPELLS !!!! MONEY, HEALTH, JOB My spells of love, protection, banishing debt, bringing back beloved, against treason, weight loss, etc., will help you find your happiness!!!! Open My Private Room and you will be another person....i will open my magic cards and read your near future ,and not only for you for your friends ,husband,wife,kids etc,and see how we change there life in good.I wait you with pleasure .Good luck my dear. About me : ============== My name it s Lorette DaVinci , I'll start with the beginning, from ancient times when witches were burned at the stake ,when vampires, haunted beautiful ladies in the middle of the Carpathians was born a legend.Legend of Drakula.Drakula (1431 he was born the year of dead i cant write becouse he it s undead))it s the grand,grand .grand........., grandfather of my mother. 20 years later (in 1452 in a spring day in the heart of Italy, neer the beautiful city of Florence) was born the second grand,grand .grand........., grandfather of myfather........Leonardo DaVinci And then, days, months, years, decades and centuries have passed, with good and evil, with happiness and contempt, with birth and death with lights and shadows...... And finally a nice cold December night I was born …........... I grew up in a decent family, quiet and we received a good education that comes from two ancient peoples Dacians and Romans. Paranormal powers in card guessing, guessing in (stones), reading in coffee, in the eyes and soul,I always knew no one had to teach me what I the gift and power of my ancestors over centuries passed.Is enough to see you, to open a card and know everything about you. My experience is over 40 years, I was born with this angelic gift I discovered that since childhood. Predict the future, with very high precision What I can Offer You In Private Chat: ================================ Predict the future, with very high precision. I will be delighted to have you as my guests in my private room, to give short and accurate answers I answer your specific questions about, love problems Focuses on your Twin Flame and Soul Mate. , financial problems , health problems, as yours and your family members, even your neighbors if you want to know their intimate. Or: Detailed reading which will cover all aspects of life. I'll read your fate in tarot cards, combined with gypsy cards and natal horoscope in Chinese , Indian, Egyptian,astrology, Numerology readings Mayan astrology Aztec astrology Chinese astrology Egyptian astrology Dream Reading: Will interpret any and all dreams you have had. I answer all your questions about present , past and future. I can tell you how many previous lives you have had ,and what you was in thet lives. The past lives affect very much current life,therefore to find a correct answer to a question urgent need to check all possibilities,especially in terms of negative energy, curses, wedding links, etc. They can be from a past life, or a family curse.The curse can be on you or on the house where you live.Negative entities are more ways (powerful, less powerful, etc., their power increases with you, your fears of your wickedness, selfishness, etc.) So before I prepare a spell must know everything. You nead ,time pacience ,and the must important it s to belived in all you will do :with your mined, hart and soul. You can also send me e-mail reading ,and i will answer with pleasure for all your questions . About my spells ================== My dear i nead first to read your destiny ,or for the destiny for the person you want the spell,for this i wait you for a detailed reading which will cover all aspects of life. I'll read your fate in tarot cards, combined with gypsy cards and natal horoscope in Chinese , Indian, Egyptian,astrolog in my private reading room i must come in contact your energy,(MY PRICE WILL BE THE SAME FOR A NORMAL READING ) After we make reading i will prepared the spell (the spell it s personal) and i will give it to you the same in my private reading room you will copy all i will write and make the chant .(You will have all you nead to know and to do) And i i will make my one incantatione for you or your frend, husband, wife, etc up in the forest in every Friday night, in the days new moon and full moon. My spells are beneficial chants addressed to angels and God above entities,is beneficial white magic. I do not play with people's lives so read the destiny of each before making a spell.(MY PRICE FOR SPELLS WILL BE 9,99/min.the time for copy 1 spel it s max 7-10 min) Another power they possess is to communicate with spirits ================================================= of deceased persons.I seance and communicate with spirits through wija board.If you want a spiritualism session ,need to know a few things:person must be deceased for over 7 years,will need to have something that belonged to it,we'll be ready before private session.The price for this will be 5,99/min.a session can last between 10 minutes and 30 minutes