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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 30- years
Topics: clairvoyance,reiki,natural healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,finance and law,mind and body,rituals and energies years

Get the benefits of a psychic reading with EagleStar:- 1. Solve your problems. 2. Discover your Achilles heel. 3. Discover how others see you. 4. Discover how to truly love yourself. 5. Discover your strengths & weaknesses. 6. Discover the source of your problems. 7. Discover how to really solve your problems. 8. Discover, the source of your fears & obsessions. 9. Discover the source of your health, wealth and love (or lack of it). 10. Above all, discover the source of your problems. Profile - I highlight discovering the source of your problems, whether physical, psychological, emotional, religious, mystical or spiritual, because that is what I absolutely guarantee to do for you. From there we can move onto strategies to enable you to change your game plan whether it be in matters of health, wealth, love or fortune. Intuition & emotions – These are our most basic skills. Psychic skills - We may create a rapport and connection on a spiritual plain that is more intimate than a lovers’ tryst and must be respected so. In spirit we are all one. Psychic tools – I have used runes, Astrology, Tarots, pendulum, gemstone, psychometry and Kynesiology. My colleagues may specialize in these disciplines and use them better than I do. So it’s good for you to be absolutely clear about exactly which kind of psychic skills that you are looking for. I once met one who would say, “Think of a number”, and he could identify it every single time without fail. Another could predict what you would say next. It was very entertaining but not much help with personal problems. So are you looking for the skills that I have? My skills – I use auras, chakras. drawing psychic portraits, mediumship, intuition and the power of unconditional love, because these are the ones that are best suited to me. I learnt the craft of psychic reading by designing Tarot cards: Alice in wonderland and Sailors Tarot and then using them on psychic fayres. All these tools work and develop our intuition which is my secret source of power. I follow the principles of aura-colour, chakra-balancing and God’s laws of infinite love and truth. I empower my client’s by helping them to discover the very source of their problems and understand themselves, their spiritual situation and why they are suffering so. I believe the solution to our problems is through understanding and taking responsibility for all our thoughts and deeds past present and future. Spirit guides & angels - I love to draw spirit guides and personal angels whilst linking in as a mere conduit to their loving messages. I see them as real people and living although they are spirit. Remember that we each of us have the right to perceive spirit as we wish, and the veil between fantasy and reality is as dense or as transparent as we wish to make it. We each of us live in the reality that we have created for ourselves. This includes heaven or hell on earth as it is in our mind’s eye. I try to empower my clients with their angel’s personal, intimate and loving thoughts so that they may accept and love themselves a little more each day. Past, present & future - My main focus is on how we all relate to the society that is around us and then to our inner self. This includes all aspects of our health, wealth, love, happiness, fortune and spirit. It is this is that has created all of our destinies. This is a balance. It is how our attitudes relate back to ourselves. Our lack of understanding of ourselves is the result of all the lies we have been told about ourselves. I seek to break through this morass of lies and give clarity to a more loving truth about you. This is the truth that will take you back to the source of your Divine Essence. It may all sound a bit crazy, even to me when I try to explain it, but I believe in it and trust in it implicitly. The secret basis of my reading is understanding our desire to love, be loved and feel loved. Our problems all arise from our deficits of love, just as all our addictions and obsessions are just our temporary substitutes for the love. The love that I am referring to is the love that we did not receive as babies and children. We may have never received it, but we know it exists in our fantasies and we want to make it a reality in our daily lives. I believe that this deficit of love is the source of all of our problems. Understanding this enables us to create the future that we desire so much. We cannot deny our past. Understanding it enables us to make better choices in the future. This is how and why I can and will help you to understand the source of all your problems, solve them and break the logjam of heartaches. I believe - in the congruency of infinite intelligence, infinite love and infinite truth of the Primal force that some call God. I also respect and believe in female emotional logic. It is simply more complex than our more seemingly rational male logic. I believe that women are abused on this planet world wide. Mankind has yet to evolve to the point that he can see and respect womankind and woman’s wisdom. All our problems politically, economically and spiritually all stem from man’s inability to respect and love woman. Again love has its own logic. The problem is that we are not educated to understand and communicate man to woman and woman to man. I have written books on this and can help you with your problems of seeking a soul mate and trying to live with that soul-mate. For most of us, marriage is not the solution, but merely the beginning of different problems. The answer is to receive timely, practical and loving guidance. This can be brought up in the chat rooms, but belongs more appropriately in a private reading. Guidelines to help you get the most out of your private readings. 1. Make a list of all your concerns, issues and problems before you start your private reading 2. Keep our list at hand by you in the reading, so that you can refer to it at any moment. Make sure you have received the guidance and insights you were seeking. If you haven’t then please speak up so that I can change track or go back and rectify it. 3. State your questions clearly. I do not put any limits on the number of questions. I will endeavor to answer every single one, providing that they are reasonable and answerable without risking a law suit. I say this because I was involved 3 silly lawsuits in my first 3 years in Mexico. Do not ask for winning lottery numbers, exact dates and specific outcomes. Life just doesn’t work like that. Your destiny is not fixed and does not have a fixed time line. It changes with every decision you make. And please do not blame me for the contrary nature of the universe. As someone once said, if you want to make God laugh, just tell him what you plan and expect to happen. 4. Consider what it is you are asking for and expecting. Are your hopes and expectations actually reasonable? 5. Decide what it is that will satisfy you - Value for money, insights, wise guidance, Prediction and destiny, positive thinking, loving care and enlightenment as regards your situation. I hope to give you all this in a clear concise and understandable form. I speak clear English with a Midland/London accent. 6. If you are not getting what you want, please say so. I read your entire life from birth to death so I may miss specifically what you are thinking and feeling in the moment. 7. If you are still not getting what you want, cut the call. It’s as simple as that, because I don’t want waste your time and hard earned cash. I’ve done thousands of readings, but I’m not the perfect reader for everyone. In my time as a psychic, I’ve had some complaints, but I feel that if anything, they prove that I was correct. It’s a problem when clients want the absolute and unvarnished truth, but don’t like it when they hear it. I am not renowned for telling my clients what they want to hear. Remember that it is the truth that will set you free if you have the courage to accept it, acknowledge it and work with it. We are all very different, so I give one card one and one sentance readings as tasters to new visitors so that they can get a feel of what I do firsthand. I do a demonstration most days and always choose someone I have not read before. I tend to choose people with simple and pronouncable names. I encourage them to respond honestly so that everyone can see how I am doing. I look forward to seeing you soon in my chat zone.