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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 5-10 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,rune divination,crystal reading,clairvoyance,reiki,crystal healing,natural healing,chakra healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

Love and light to you..Here is a Natural-born psychic *****5-star rating***** with gifts to give you readings that help you make a difference or change in your life. 1 Free tarot card (message from little book) for return clients.... No judgement here. All are welcome. As a psychic, I show you the map of your life and direct you to the future that is best for you. You are making a future for yourself. There are vast possibilites; and I can tell you what is possible for you. You have a choice about which route you want to take. I will help you with what you need to know and what is bothering someone you love and help you to sleep. I can counsel and heal you and any of your family members also. It is a psychic advise session and/or healing session. @)---->--- FOR HONEST PSYCHIC ADVICE AND HEALING THAT WORKS FROM A FRIENDLY PSYCHIC, JOIN ME in PRIVATE (for as long as you like). I CAN TYPE AND/OR SPEAK IN PRIVATE CHAT. (You can also speak and turn on your webcam in private chat if you like.) Looking for guidance, truth, solutions and compassion??? then you have come to the right person. I WILL BE GIVING YOU THE PEACE OF MIND YOU DESERVE. You need to know and learn secrets to attain the peace. @)--->--- FROM ME, YOU WILL GET ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS AND FEEL ENERGIES WHICH WILL START CURING YOUR PAIN THAT IS EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND PHYSICAL. @)--->-- ABOUT ME::: Since last 10 years, I am a professional psychic, tarot reader, energy reader, palmist, western astrologer and a certified reiki healer. --Done coursework/classes to become healer. I have obtained a healing certificate. --Taken psychology courses --Read books on tarot card reading, astrology and palmistry --Practice reading tarot and using pendulum with energies I use intuition/3rd eye as well as my guides for answers to questions and to solve problems that people may have. I use tarot cards (TAROT OF THE OLD PATH, RIDER WAITE and DENNIS FAIRCHILD) and pendulums (CRYSTAL QUARTZ). I can make a astro natal chart for you and give you interpretations. I have been given healing powers from a Guru (AVDHOOT BABA SHIVANAND JI) in India. I can send healing from far. I teach you how to open your Chakras for a balanced and healthy mind, body and soul. I do healing with special music, yoga and meditation techniques. @)--->--- I do my best to help people and will give you complete attention. @)----->---- EMAIL READINGS ARE NOW AVAILABLE. ASK QUESTION AND GET A COMPLETE READING THROUGH TAROT/ASTROLOGY/NUMEROLOGY DEPENDING ON YOUR QUESTION AND CONCERN. @)--->--- In PRIVATE READINGS: I HELP FIND SOLUTIONS AND GIVE REMEDIES FOR LOVE LIFE, MONEY MATTERS, FAMILY DISPUTES, LEGAL ISSUES. I GIVE YOU MANTRAS/SPELLS THAT YOU CAN USE TO HELP. (If needed, please ask in private.) I WILL GIVE YOU PSYCHIC READING/ADVICE USING MY GOD GIFTS AS WELL AS TAROT CARDS AND/OR PENDULUM. I DO GUIDED MEDITATION AND SEND HEALING ENERGIES TO U. (Please ask if you want healing.) @)--->-- YOU CAN ASK YOUR QUESTION IN FREE CHAT BUT I ANSWER YOUR QUESTION IN PRIVATE. In FREE CHAT, I do not answer private questions or give advice because I may not have complete connection with you and I need to be in a private chat to focus on your problem and you. @)--->-- I have been reading almost all my life using my gifts that come from the spiritual world and have been innate. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ME A LOW RATING BECAUSE I DID NOT GIVE YOU THE ANSWER YOU WANTED OR YOU ARE IN A BAD MOOD. I AM HONEST AND WORK FOR 5 STAR RATINGS. I will not leave you until you are completely satisfied and you have gotten all your answers. You can come talk to me in Free Chat after your reading is completed in private for anything left. @)---->--- TESTIMONY