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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 30- years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

ϰϰϰ INTELLIGENT ADVICE ON LOVE AND OTHER ISSUES ϰϰϰ **** Find Out What the Signs are for You ! Get a Head Start on Your Abundance! Find out if he is cominig back to you and what you can do to make it happen! Talk to your Loved ones through my extraordinary channeling ability. I have been in the News many times for my ability and have do devinations for helping police and family members find lost loved ones. FOR 35 YRS I am a accreditated and licensed Social Worker, who is bound by an oath of Integritty. I also have worked in Hospital Operating Room for many years and as a result can read your Aura and health status . **** Given with Private Readings Free Email Astrology / Numerology forecasts and Special Meditations with private readings only :) **** Please read my Biography and what other members say about me . My reviews on my ability to help you are Exceptional:) Thank you for this opportunity. I am happy to disclose to you details of my psychic ability and true event experiences. I have Clairvoyant Gifts and have used them my whole life long. I have detailed to you a few of the events that has happened in my life. I am also a Social worker and have an excellent reputation. I have worked as an accredited Social worker for 25 plus years. I love helping people. I currently am volunteering as an art therapist at handicapped group residences as well as I work in retirement homes with the aged. I am also am a successful business person and own two companies. To divine your direction in life, I use the Mythic tarot and Ryder Waite tarot cards, Rune stone cards and Palmistry. I am highly intuitive and have seen and interacted with spirits. Some of the spirits i have seen end up being on television! I currently receive messages about you through your energies, spirit whispers; tarot cards are helpful to divine further clarity). My Grandmother was extremely psychic and used Tarot cards in Scotland. She was the cornerstone of my life. Her mother was also psychic. She believed that i was like her. I am a joyful person and I also use Tarot cards but I get strong, powerful visions connected with Higher Astral forces and I do not always rely on Tarot for divination. Because You can see the energy, I also use the Pendllum. I have kept my Gifts private and secret for years for fear of being thought about negatively. I have had Cancer four times. During my third event, my seventeen year old cousin passed away from cancer. She said that there was an angel by her side. I believe this with all my heart. I was also not expected to live either. However the day after my cousin passed, an angel whispered to me what I had to do to fight Cancer. These things are known now but at the time they were not known. As I healed I was very grateful for my health. From a very early age I had an awareness and an uncanny feeling for the way things worked. I prayed for a better home and within weeks my mother was able to buy a home with no credit and little money. At the age of 9 years, I was running home to have lunch, I felt like I was floating. I was hit full on by a Toronto streetcar and my body bounced up and then under the car. From above, I saw the driver and the people. They did not want to look under the car. I wanted them to come and pull me out. I was sad that they were not doing this. Time seemed to move very slow. Then an angel came and told me that it was not my time and I was going back. The crowd of people were they saw me crawl out from under the streetcar. The driver said that an ambulance had been called. Feeling lightheaded I told him I was fine and lived nearby. I left the driver and walked home. When I got home, I told my mother that I was not feeling well and needed to rest. As I lay in bed, I heard a knock on the door, the driver had followed me home. He explained to my mother what happened and that he felt I was in shock and should go to a hospital. My mother came to me, Having only a few scratches, I confirmed to her that I was ok.. It was a miracle! At six years old, an old man who I befriended was speaking to me about dying, fear and his life. We talked a long time and as he looked at me he thanked me and then he smiled and passed on. The feeling that I got from talking with this man is the feeling I pursue with you! During my reading with you, a warm feeling a feeling of sharing, of being grateful and full of Joy. It is like a messenger's feeling of when they give you a message and it brings you joy , it warms me as this :)! Another major experience happened at the age of 11, I was on a field trip with classmates to see John A Macdonald Home. As my classmates headed for the front door, I held back, I felt an unhappieness and was not sure what to do. It was embarrasing for me to explain so I hesitantly went towards the front door. It was there that I saw a pretty little girl sitting on the front door staircase. She was indeed sad and lost. I was shocked to find out that I could communicate with her. Years later, she was caught on a infra red camera. CTV television network aired it. There was much speculation about who she was. This was fascinating to me as it verified that I had seen this girl but sadly had not helped her. I began to read, research and connect to more about psychic connections and gifts and suddenly I understood that I was meant to help her move on. I share a title that was given to the famous David Lettermen! Given to me for my Extensive research and Quirkiness, like numerous outstanding power surges and outages) It is a funny title and at the time I thought of it as a joke. Only 100 other folks have this strange title as being Earths Ambassador to the Aliens! Interesting that the Empire Society chose Aliens and not Spirits. I feel it is the general lack of understanding about Higher Astral forces and Vibrations also known as Energies. When I was 12, I was babysitting my sisters children. She always insisted that her home was haunted. As I fell asleep on the couch, I was woken by a spirit with a long black cape, top hat and coal black eyes. He was standing on my chest! I could barely breathe and felt threatened. With all of my willpower, I moved him off of me. That morning, I practically ran over her running out the door! Many years later, her home was turned into a museum. Out of curiosity, I visited. To my chagrin, there on the wall was the spirit, exactly as I remembered him! I have had another run in or two with nasty spirits in my life. A ex father in law... but i wont talk about this as in the Spirit world its still fresh not something hundreds of years old. I have learned that I can send them away, clear them, and I can give you your energy back. I do know that some people do not want them away .. it is why so many mediums SEE them ! LOL! IT IS YOUR choice. It is best if you want to cause yourself new developments to clear them, but so many people do not even know the spirit is with them. I am a great lover of animals, and have had many pets, most now passed on. It is endearing to me that on one occasion, my beloved dog, Sam came back to visit me in my dream and told me that he came to take Thomas, my cat and his playmate. Indeed the next day, Thomas was found dead, but I swear to you, he was smiling! For weeks Thomas had been acting more loving, that was odd, he would waken with me and meow at me usually at 7am , then he would just walk away not meowing till the next day, when he would again , waken with me and talk meow at me ... He died just before my birthday, The gift he gave me was poignant as waking up the day after my birthday, I could hear him and SEE him meowing at me to get out of bed !! Really it brings tears to my eyes. There are many other stories that i could share with you about spirits, the longer I work at Oranum the more memories i uncover! Over the years my interest in Tarot cards began to grow. My friends were always amazed by my ability to tell them what was going to happen. They would telephone me and confirm my prediction had come true. Nothing made me more happy than to make my family and friends happy. For fear of being ridiculed,, I usually only did Tarot for a very small, select group. My name is listed with the Holy Kabbalah. This is THANKS TO A FAMILY MEMBER THAT REGISTERED MY NAME, as a incident that occured to me. Its now many years later and I am ready to share my ability with others. it was with Suddeness that I made the decision to become involved with the psychic center but in truth, it was somewhere in the back of my mind for a while. Its human nature to be proud of your ability and want to have some recognition for your work and who you are. Two years ago, I had cancer removed from my throat and it has since been like an opening up for me . For too long, I have closeted my feelings and abilities. While cruising the internet, I saw a young psychic girl on the network, she looked unhappy. As I commented to her, a call came in for her to answer and her face lit up. It was that light on her face that i recognized. It was the Joy of helping others and knowing you could! Its been a long time coming... I am here at the Psychic Center for this reason to share and help :) YOUR FRIEND ALWAYS HELENMARIE