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Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 20-25 years
Topics: western astrology,tarot reading,lenomard card reading,angel card reading,numerology readings,pendulum,dream interpretation,crystal reading,clairvoyance,angel readings,love and sex,home and family,career and business,finance and law years

✮✮✮✮ WELCOME, BLESSINGS AND LIGHT TO YOU ✮✮✮✮ ~ About me ~ As a child, I was always very sensitive to others and I had frequent dreams that were sometimes very disturbing that served as warnings to others. People did not always listen as I was a child, and sometimes that was a very painful experience. I was very reserved, often sitting and thinking on a chair in my house. As I became older, my parents often told me I looked like I was in a trance during my ‘thinking sessions’. I had many ‘imaginary friends’ that visited me during my youth. The most vivid of those visitors were several bald headed beings who were neither male nor female who dressed in robes and talked to me without spoken word. During a very emotional revelation at 17, these beings were revealed to me as my guides. I am very humble before them and thankful for them. While in my mid teens I started studying astrology readings and tarot card readings; 20+ years, now more than half of my life! I had the opportunity to study under a vedic astrology master and guru in India a few years past and that added maximum results to my practice and my thought patterns in general. Academically, I have attained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and I am now a year and half away from medical school, so this is a very exciting time for me and my family. I also have a few certifications pertaining to energy work in my toolkit that provided me to work with other sensitive and creative people from a very young age. Reading for others and giving them solutions from the stars and interpersonal energies that exist around us fills me with great joy. Free love! =========================================================================================== Types of readings provided: ♥ Love and Relationship readings ♥ Matchmaking - I will suggest that if you like to do an astrology matchmaking reading, you provide me with specific birth details of both people involved in matchmaking. This can provide me with clear details of the harmonies and future of the couple. ♥ ✭ Family problems (divorce, cheating, compatibility issues) ✭ General natal astrology ✭ Child readings ✭ Psychological ✭ Career ✭ Past life readings ✭ Mediumship readings ✭ Channeling readings ✭ Financial readings ✭ Spells (white only) ✭ Purification rituals ✭ Meditation Guidance =========================================================================================== FAQS What do I need to do if I am a new guest? You need to visit the Oranum home page and click ‘Join For Free’ in the upper right corner. After following directions of registration, type HypatiaSage into the search box. That will allow you to visit the private reading area if you are interested in receiving a reading. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Can I get a free reading in public chat? Due to Oranum’s policies I limit my readings to one question from you during public chat. I view one card and tell that I see from that card. Because every person has positive and negative energies, during public chat a lot of positive and negative energy is coming and going frequently. This can greatly disturb focus. To answer your questions exactly I need to be able to focus properly and that requires a private setting. Please respect me and others in the room. As I do extensive meditation before coming to chat, my room is strictly for readings, not flirting or entertainment. Please do not ask personal questions or tell inappropriate comments that can affect my focus and pure energy that I save for readings. Any person who uses abusive language or talks inappropriately will be banned from my room and reported without warning. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Why is my price less? As time is required in readings I will continuously select competitive pricing on Oranum to ensure that a person can get quality in less price because I need time to make charts and do calculations. During tarot card and meditation readings, depending on the energies present, sometimes cards and energies do not easily show themselves and I like to guide people properly that really need readings. If time is your main concern during a reading, I am probably not the reader for you. Quality readings require time. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ How much time do readings require? At least 10 minutes is required to do a proper reading. Please show me patience after telling me birth information or asking your question to me because quality needs time. __________________________________________________________________________________________ How can I find you? On the Oranum home screen, you can type the name HypatiaSage into the empty ‘Search’ box at the top of the page. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Can I add you in my Facebook? Yes, you can add my profile on Facebook, as there is option of community on Oranum. ___________________________________________________________________________________________ How do readings work? Astrology readings are based on the science of planetary motion, precision of equinox, planetary combination, planetary aspect, and planetary power. This is a very detailed topic, but what is important is those planets affect on you. I have yet to explain it, but tarot readings hold a fundamental truth and reality within each personal reading. During healing rituals or meditation guidance I use what was learned from my guides and guru in the past and now. Till now there is a scientifically unexplainable truth to these mystic arts. =========================================================================================== **** Once more, please be respectful to me and all in public chat. Keep the energy light, and do not use any kind of abusive language ****