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psychic medium
Languages: en
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Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: angel card reading,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body years

Valentines Show in this room!! Start Feb. 8 through 14 when available for free chat, the astrological charts for each of Oranum Members visiting. If you received an email invitation, you are considered a front sitter. When ordering an Exclusive-Front Sitter Ticket, what does that entail? An invite to show’s online at the IsaiahProphet’s room which does include questions in free chat being answered and open discussions in free chat! Many members enjoy having their readings performed in free chat and participating in the room’s discussions. $14.99- Shows (Order through a one question email; yes, please include one question for answering, of course!) $24.99- Shows (Order through multiple questions email; yes, please include your questions for me to answer and get a personalized astrology chart for yourself and partner!) Once this is done, you automatically get invite to an event where you will be a participant in sitting in the front row and able ask questions worries free and interact with me, IsaiahProphet, online at Oranum! I am happy to announce this new room’s activity! Member shares a word of the day, Rabdomancia, gives to our discussion board, “radiesthesia”. Though Rabdomancia had not been able to share any information for the term, rather suggested the psychic google the term and develop the information on speculation, which I found to be a great idea! - IsaiahProphet Radiesthesia, according the “New Dictionary of Spiritual Thought”, the term means, the art and science of pendulum and dowsing rods. Of course, the dowsing rods are phasing out as sort of an outdated tool despite its effectiveness for the practitioners work. Turns out that in modern times, it often referred to psychic-mediums, which I am that, a psychic (clairvoyant) medium. Also, as to where it stands along the psychic development process, it is that more along the lines of Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP. Radiesthesia has a specific element that sets itself apart from all other methods, such as being intuitive in nature, where the practitioner links with subtle and complex wave patterns in the fields of life forms. Now, in the past, the dowsing rod was used to achieve this connection and studies show through observation as a success. The other, being that of the use of a pendulum and radionics instrument, of with modern technology, a harmonizer can be grafted into the operation. Radionics has also been employed by psychics for facilitating ESP, an instrument or device that assists the practitioner in discovering causes for disease whether in humans, animals, plants, soil though the use of a series of questions and answers believed to use the extra intelligence of the collective that each one has touched. According to its description, a technique used for working from a distance, and Albert Abrams, M.D. (1863-1922), also known as the father of radionics, could detect disease before any physical symptoms appeared and diagnosed at a distance with no visible link with the patient! Wow. Thank you for this great word today, Rabdomania! - IsaiahProphet Krisluv91 has question for psychic! Come and find out what member asked psychic! Next Discussion Presented by Oranum Member, Krisluv91, “Do you, IsaiahProphet, believe that that people are capable of developing psychic abilities?” Question for the psychic, Fuzzy64 asks: what about the divine principle between masculine and feminine principles? Psychic: We learned that the divine female principle is as important as the masculine divine principle, also better known as the anima (feminine) and (animus) within us all regardless of biological gender! Even though one aspect of either the anima or animus within a person will gradually become more prominent in an individual, we all share in common, that divine to connect with either at certain necessary point within one’s life! Neither is more unnecessary than the other, like yin and yang, as struggle to constantly co-exist rather than fighting too had to exist without the other one. We evolve to not only co-exist within the world around but we evolve to co-exist with ourselves! IsaiahProphet Oranum Expert and Oranum Members, Discussing the Divine Masculine and Feminine Principle! Thanks - IsaiahProphet ••• $2.99 ••• Clairvoyant ••• Medium ••• Tarot Card Reader ••• Astrologer ••• New Chat Subject: This is when we and the psychic speaks about subjects that come to mind in the room. Rules for subjects for the room are as follow: 1. The subject must be spiritual, informative, and inspirational. 2. No profanity or personal information sharing in the room. 3. Personal stories are not recommended only if the story of the subject pertains for the topic discussed. Oranum Member Questions for the psychic-astrologer! Oranum Member: “What does it mean to be a medium and how is your, IsaiahProphet's, work here on the site defined as the work of that of a medium?” Psychic: “Well, for me, being a medium is very important on a personal level because I have been asked by several people whether or not if my abilities could be used for somthing as useful as finding a missing person or even helping to resolve a homicide, perhaps even to finding a missing object(s). The answer is yes to all the above and since realizing this, I have been working with a team of psychics and mediums who assist law enforcement in this level for the function of a psychic (clairvoyant) and Medium. Often, I am used to psychically search or scan in and over remote locations for the team using a technique called remote viewing. A term used for the description of the psychic (worker) projecting the mind upon a point of focus not in the vicinity of the psychic working, for the purpose of gathering impressions, according to the :The New Dictionary of Spiritual Thought”! Using my ability to speak with the other side or our loved ones from the other side is part of the work as a medium. Some people want to know what members of their loved ones are thinking or whether they are well and accepting of the fact presently at hand, that they are in fact, on the other side somewhere in the ethereal. Mediums are contacted by loved ones and even residents on the other side who the medium does not know. At any point, the medium is completely aware of those visiting them and the reason for their visit to that particular medium. I, myself, I talk with my own loved ones countless times as well as I have messages for the Oranum members from either loved ones or guides (sometimes angelic in nature) who their living loved ones and counter parts and children for receiving their message(s). I hope this better explains why I call myself a medium better! - Isaiah Prophet Where my ladies at night!! Ladies, of course as you can tell I am a guy, but I know and understand guys! Yes, Ladies, women can ask a guy psychic-astrologer guys and the why’s. It is funny how many similar questions I get every year from among women. You are not alone with these kinds of questions as everyone is asking too. Gentle! Of course, I love women! Guys, I consider us closely connected and some guys consider me their brother (paternal friend)! And, the ladies are here speaking with me every day and asking about guys as topic! Gentlemen, I am asked from the male persuasion throughout the year what the ladies are thinking of them as of late. It is so interesting how, just, we all want to know about the other! Come ask the Oranum psychic!! GayLesbian Relationships: