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Languages: en,hu
Email readings: No
Experience: 5 years
Topics: angel card reading,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body years

*********I'M THE YOUNGEST FAMOUS PSYCHIC-MEDIUM HERE AT ORANUM********* *********AKASHA READING, KARMA READING, GENERAL READING,TAROT CARD READING,PENDULUM DIAGRAM READING,KIPPER CARD READING,CLEANSING********** ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Hello and welcome to my Page Dear Visitors! My name is Kevin. I have been working as an International Psychic / Medium and card reader for more than 5 years. I am clairvoyant and telephatic as well. Many times in our life, the universe sends us a message; however we either do not understand or do not want to accept these messages. My abilities are a gift from God and it is my Karma to help people to find the best path in their life. When I was a young child my family saw that I was different, but since I was so young, they thought I was just playing games. I did not understand my abilities and did not practice using them until later in life. As I grew older, I started noticing that I was different than other people. I knew things and could read the cards with accuracy. At first I started doing card readings for my friends and my family. They kept telling me how accurate I was, that the things I was predicting were coming true just as I had told them. More people were coming to me for readings. MY EXPERT SERVICE : » DETAILED ACCURATE READINGS ( PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE, FINANCIAL LIFE, LOVELIFE, FRIENDS...) » LIFE COACHING - present, past lessons, karma and destiny … » AKASHIC RECORDS ! By this method I can reach your deepest blockages, fears, dreams and help you to understand your destiny, karma and give you the best advice. » LOVE LIFE, KARMIC RELATIONSHIP - Love, Compatibility, Soul Mates, Twin flames. » HEALTH, BODY - Diseases, Illnesses, Therapy » CAREER,FINANCIAL LIFE - Losing, Bad financial life » FAMILY LIFE - relation, distant related » CHANELLING, NECROMANCY - passed life, communication with passed away people » PENDULUM DIAGRAM - time frame, answer exactly *****GENERAL READING***** If you are thinking that you need to know your whole life for a future you can ask a whole general reading, what include everything from your part of your life. * Career, Financial stuffs * Lovelife * Family life * Health * Future, destiny *****TAROT CARD READING***** Have you got any question from your life? You can not find a solution to anything? Tarot card reading is a best fortune telling way to your question. I usually use Kazanlar Tarot Deck, Dreamer Tarot Deck, Alchemy Tarot Deck for readings. *****KARMA READING***** You are wondering that what you need to do and reach in your life. Are you thinking that your life stopped because you do not do anything well? Karma Reading can be help that you can find a balance in your life with only one good step! *****PENDULUM DIAGRAM READING***** You do not know when will happen anything in your life? Would you like to know when will come back the true love into your life? Are you wondering when will come the fortune to yourself? Pendulum Diagram can show your when will occurs anything in your life. I can show you a time frame for everything. KARMA: There are no coincidences in our lives. Every happening, every act has its own cause and goal. The causes however – at the exact moment of the event - are hidden before our mind and eyes. With rational cogitation these cannot be or can hardly be understood. But sometimes, somewhere the roots of „fatal events” were sown by us by our actions or inactions. We’re free, free to do anything, however the effects of our actions and inactions will come back to us - similar to a thrown boomerang. This „Cause and Effect law”, or rather Karma permeates the whole world, as God created this system at the very start of Creation (creation of the world), without any exceptions, despite whom or what is the object of the action. We all came to Earth to have our souls evolve in another incarnation, to leave behind all the faults and undone tasks of our previous lives. And what are these faults and undone tasks? Most of the time these clear up only after a series of straying and wrong decisions. However with the help of cards these can be shown. Fortune telling is not witchcraft but a way of meditation and a serious, highly responsible guidance or rather a spiritual therapy based on reading the Akasha. With the help of fortune telling you can come to know the future and you can get advice to your decisions and life! The law of Karma When the journey of a soul ends in death and after a while reborns in a new body, it does not start everything from the very beginning but continues where it ended in the previous life! In its new life the soul will face its faults and undone tasks, giving this way another chance to find solutions for them, and to undo their faults, mistakes by suffering the same way as was caused by the soul before. According to the law of Karma sooner or later a person will have to face all his or her actions which were against other people. No matter who is the person, treat others the way You want to be treated. Since those who cheat, harm or falsely accuse others, sooner or later have to face those acts as the sufferer opponent in a situation, and gain experiences similar to the ones brought about others before. (According to my experiences the „more advanced” and more sensitive – taking the spiritual path more deeply – souls will experience this due to their current lifetime. ) This is the Cause and Effect law or rather THE LAW OF KARMA. If anyone who face this problem can bear the situation without swearing or getting deeply into self-pity, then this Karmic task is completed and the person will never have to face it again. However if feelings such as swearing and indignation fulfills the person, then the task must be faced again and again until the problem is solved! About Karma: Everyone has Karma, and the one thought of Karma is to endure the consequences of our actions and inactions, and to spiritually evolve and improve as we find our way in life. But we make a difference between two types of Karma: „normal” Karma, which raises and teaches us in a fatherly way so to speak, as well as a „deep, serious and heavy” Karma which goes hand in hand with painful losses and painful events As I wrote it before the so-called „normal” Karma can cause small unfortunate events, small losses, minor (or less severe) illnesses, so things that people often suffer from during their lifetime. But these are never „serious” things, instead these accompany life, as these are so-called „fatherly” admonitions from fate, as all of us are capable of making small mistakes, excursions. These do not really need occult examination, since they pass as soon as they come and these do not leave panful traces behind them. But there is another type of Karma, which is the already mentioned „deep, serious and heavy” Karma, which often causes severe losses, unfortunate events and - more than once - severe illnesses These are the so-called Karmic life or rather set-backs of life, which can stem from the actions and inactions in our current life and/or our previous lives. Well, in these cases it is advised to have an examination with the help of occult methods, which can reveal what the initial purpose of fate would be with all the adversity happening around us and it can also show us a way in our current life. The examination of the Karma is important, because despite the similarities not everything is Karma even if it seems like, since long-standing stressful conditions and deep depressions can cause failure, misfortune and losses as well. Furthermore if unluckyness and the lack of fortune appears suddenly, almost from one day to another, it may be caused by a curse or a hex. AKASHA: What are the Akashic Records or