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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 25-30 years
Topics: vedic astrology,chinese astrology,karmic astrology,indian astrology,western astrology,numerology readings,dream interpretation,feng shui,chakra healing,home and family,mind and body,lost and found years

A Little About me I was born gifted. My parents were afraid of me. I would know things that would happen in advance. I was speaking to Spirit Guides. I was able to hear what others were thinking. I was able to see what was going on someplace else, and it would be found, that what I said was accurate. So this frightened my parents, and they discouraged my using my gifts. I am able to understand my parents. It must have been difficult raising a 4 year old who was able to do this. When I became older, I KNEW I was on the earth for a reason. So I used my gifts in secrecy for sometime. Then one day a man saw me. He happened to be a Shaman. He knew immediately what I was born as. He spoke to my parents and explained to them that you are not able to get up one morning and decide you are going to be a Shaman. A Shaman is born. A Shaman is NOT a Witch Doctor. A Shaman is a being that is sent to the earth to be of service to others. Under strict guidance and teaching, I learned to control my gifts; and to use them with PURE LOVE AND LIGHT. I am able to see Auras, balance charkas so to help others, and I am honored to be a servant of the Pure Love and Light. I believe in ONE CREATOR OF ALL. I have much to tell you if you are open to this. Do you know that you have the ability to have the life you want? Yes it is a Truth. I am able to teach you the tools you need to achieve your life's goals. I am a strong Empath. Which I must control, so I am able to assist someone. I get full understanding of what the person is feeling. When I get the feeling of what a person is going through. I will than speak it to them; (perhaps in different words) to make sure and to assure the person knows I have understanding of what they want me to know. Once I know what the person feels, I know how to help. I use different methods for different people. I am able to assist you with: *Clearing you of dense energy of whatever kind, so that you are able to: * HAVE THE RELATIONSHIPS YOU WANT. * GET TO DIVINE LIGHT. * REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL WITH: a) With Divinity b) Financially c) Emotionally We all have these skills. Yet we forget them as we grow older. Little children when I speak to them. They catch on very fast because they are new here. They still remember that they are Infinite Beings of Pure Love and Light. As we grow older. Restraints are placed upon us. So we forget. Just think for a moment would you? How often have you heard the expressions.