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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 20-25 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,rune divination,crystal reading,clairvoyance,reiki,crystal healing,natural healing,chakra healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

☆☆☆ Welcome to my room. My name is LoveExpert and I am here to help you with whatever advice you want or need. ★ I am highly intuitive and clairvoyant also works as a psychotherapist. My area of expertise is relationships: love❤ romance❤ sexuality❤and family❤. I am interested in ways of facilitating personal, emotional and spiritual development. I work using imagery, poetry, dreams. I am open-minded and non-judgemental ★ A Love and Relationship psychic to help you in all areas of love and career, I am a natural born psychic and have improved my abilities and powers by meditating and utilising my energies. I can make you see things which are invisible to you and can guide you to choose the right path. ☆☆☆☆ I have worked with people in this way from the age of four and have since helped more than 5000 clients and still looking forward to help people who are in need of my help and guidance. ★ I can use my inherited abilities to connect with your spirits and get answers to your question and let you know what is in store for you in future. Contact me to get accurate and honest answers. I will tell you exactly what I see for you. ★ I am an empath with clairvoyance, clairaudienc and clairsentience who gives concise, accurate answers along with an action plan to achieve goals regarding love and relationships, career and money, and family issues. ★ I give loving guidance through my wonderful guides and angels and am looking forward to helping you. ★ Remember, there are times in all of our lives when our souls are looking for something more, when we need guidance or advice, or just someone to shed some light on whatever is troubling us. ★★★★ Sometimes all that is needed is for someone to listen to you and give you that sympathetic shoulder or ear so you can find CLARITY in yourself or others; It makes it easier for us to be able to actually see the silver lining in any situation. It is okay, all of us need help sometimes, it's perfectly natural and I would love to be the one to help you!! ★ So what are you waiting for? ★ I can give you some guidance on how to overcome situations in your life and will give you the key steps you should take in order to be where you want to be. ★★★★ Sometimes you just need somebody to give you a truthful answer rather than sugar coat it. ★ I AM THAT SOMEBODY! ★ This may be a time in your life, when you have lost all motivation and have no idea what to do with yourself right now. I will also guide you as to what it is you have to do right now to become the person you aspire to be. ★★★★ Dream interpretation is also one of my gifts and I always pay a great attention to this because dreams for this night often bring with them answers for tomorow.I invite you come with me in this amazing universe and to explore it .... ★ You will find that under a dream's symbolism is hiding an important message for you...A message what can solve an emotional blockage what you suffered or a messege about what may happen in your future. ★★★★ ★Do you need somebody to trust?★ ★Do you need somebody to advice you with the best choices?★ ★Do you have problems in love qand need somebody to clarify them for you?★ ★Do you need somebody to teach you how to choose the best path in life?★ ★Do you need answers?★ I am that somebody! I am always here to help you with every need you may have! This is just a little part of me that i share with you, so please come to my room and let's have a proper introduction! ★★★★Have faith! ★★★★