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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 30- years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

****FIVE STAR Psychic/Teacher/Energy Worker** 40 + Years Experience****CERTIFIED ANGEL CARD READER AND TEACHER** DO TO DIFFERENT ENERGIES IN THE FREE CHAT I CAN NOT DO FREE READINGS THERE. I WORK WITH ENERGY AND TOOLS SO I NEED TO CONCENTRATE.... I WILL DO READINGS IN PRIVATE CHAT ONLY...... WHERE YOU HAVE MY FULL ATTENTION AND I HAVE NO DISTRACTIONS. With Angels who have guided me, I have a passion to help people with their journey throughout their life including the loss of loved ones. I can help you communicate with loved ones who have passed and keep the connection you may feel you are missing. I am dedicated to helping you in every aspect of your journey, I also can provide you insight into your past, present and future journey here. Helping with the hurdles from every day issues to more complex entangled problems we sometimes find ourselves in. Everything is done with love, understanding and light. I am a natural born Psychic / Medium/ Teacher/ Energy Worker. My earliest memory is standing in my crib, holding onto the rail watching Spirits walk up and down our hallway. Eventually they came into my room and would take turns sitting in my rocking chair. They would watch over me all night. Looking back I know now these were past loved ones that were watching over me at night. TYPES OF READINGS I OFFER: ☺ANGEL CARDS☺ ↬Life Path / Purpose ↬Mind/Spiritual Blocks and Stagnation ↬Love Compatibility ↬Soul Mates / Twin-Flame ↬ Home ↬Personal Finances ↬ Material Possessions ↬Career ↬ Work ↬ Relocation ↬Educational ↬Problem Solving ↬ Awareness ↬ Emotional Healing ↬Attachments ☺ GUIDED MEDITATION☺ ↬ Stress relief ↬ Relaxation ↬ Confidence DURING MY READINGS **Please allow 5 mins for each question you have** ☺ABOUT ME☺ ↬Feature guest of numerous Mediumship Events ↬Internet Radio Host ↬Guest on numerous Internet TV Shows. ↬Life Coach ↬Teacher of the Psychic Development, Angel Cards, Meeting your Angels/Spirit Guides ****These classes are offered here online please allow enough credits for 30 mins**** ☺MY ABILITIES☺ ❤Clairvoyance - Clear Vision: (Pictures & Images) The images and picture come to me when I close or blink my eyes. It is usually snap shots of people, places or things. Sometimes it comes like a video also. Symbols are also very common. This can be hard to interrupt sometimes. As an example, I was giving women a reading and her grandmother came through to visit. When I asked the grandmother for something to validation who she was she through chicken feathers at me... (That’s right chicken feathers) How do you interpret that? My Clairclognizance (Clear Knowing) kicked in and I asked the person I was reading for “Who in your family rang the chickens neck, plucked the feathers off and threw the chicken into the oven?” She replied “My grandmother did that for family dinner every Sunday night.” ❤Clairclognizance (Clear Knowing) This is where you just know that you know. It comes out of nowhere and you can’t fight it. This is the hardest one for me to explain. I get a thought in my head and it will not leave no matter how I try to get rid of it. ❤ Clairsentience / Empathic – (Clear Feeling) I can feel your ailments, Spirits emotions and how someone passed (i.e. Heart Attack, Head Trauma). This sometimes is the hardest ability of all. You may have a smile on your face but I will feel what is going on with your body and with you emotionally. ❤ Clairaudient – (Clear Hearing) I hear Angels / Spirits just like when you are talking to someone on a telephone. Sometimes we have a very clear connection sometime there is static. ❤Mediumship -Communicating with Past Loved Ones, Pets, Angels & Spirit Guides. **PLEASE KEEP AN OPEN MIND WHEN YOU COME IN FOR A PRIVATE READING. We all have expectations on who we want to hear from and what we want to hear. But our loved ones / Angels & Spirit Guides sometimes have other pressing information for you. ** **If for some reason I cannot connect with you or your Angels / Spirit Guides, I will let you know immediately. ** ☺Chat Room☺ ♬ I do play music in the chat room. When we go into private I do shut it off.♬ ♬ Please remember I do not do reading in the chat room, just in private because the information in free chat can be seen by anyone on the internet. It is also for your privacy because I am very detailed with my readings. (this goes for yes or no questions, there is always something more than just yes or no)♬ ♬ Please respect others in the chat room and do not spam.♬ ♬ My chat room is for people to come together and relax. Please feel free to ask me questions about what I do, how I do it, anything metaphysical. ♬ ☺TESTIMONIES / FEEDBACK ☺ This was defiantly the best psychic experience I ever had. She was intuitive, honest, compassionate and very insightful. Without me even having to reveal much information. She is simply the best here at Oranum. I would trust anyone more. This is a lady with a golden touch a great heart. I have complete full confidence on her. Dan2313, Edmonton, Alberta Her accuracy is off the charts! Thanks Alina for the insights. ikroyal, nz Alina was very real in in the way that she answered doubts. She gave the answer for the choices of both roads in regard to specific issues. However, she knew these issues straight up front before I told her. My issues are crazy and she knew. She did not judge at all. On top of all this she gave insight for the future and what I could or could not do with it. EXCELLENT READING!!!!! katharazz, Dallas Excellent insight, a wonderful, wonderful human being with great professional ethic. Very truthful, and honest person who does not sugar code or mislead in anyways. You will be in great hands with Alina. I couldn't recommend any better. You will definitely see a change in your perspective towards any issue after consulting this wonderful person. 5 Stars Dan2313, Edmonton, Alberta Alina is very caring and very clear speaking person. Very detailed in her reading. Also takes extra care to make sure you understand what is being said. Discusses in detail what she sees and feels. I am very pleased with the read. Dee, St George My work situation was described very well without any input. My thinking and desired moves were confirmed which gives me added confidence. LPW367, Pleasantville Wonderful gentle person who connects with me quickly and was honest with the answers. Thank you so much. dallascowboys8, Dallas Texas She was amazing and very very accurate. A strong medium who tapped in quickly. Highly recommend Alina. moonstone2, London She is a really nice lady and good reader. She has answered all the questions. She gave me a very good reading. No sugar coating. I really like and recommend her! redchilly, india You brought tears to my eyes. I didn't know my Papa is with me as my angel. I am sad but happy at the same time that my Aunt Maria is taking care of my baby that I lost this past December. I pray to God that Adam and I will reconnect and reconcile for us to get back together and that our baby will be brought back to us to share, love and cherish together. I will be back to talk with you. Thank you. angeldiamond122, Niagara Falls