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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 20-25 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

Allow me to help you find your inner direction and empower your life! Together we can reach into the sacred corners of your being, find meaning and guidance to assist you on your true life path and understand your Past, Present and Future. I also provide the tools to help you understand and transform the causes for suffering in your life and inspire peace, harmony and a sense of well-being. Join me and find guidance in all aspects of your reality. Free chat is an opportunity for you to get to know me, the reading only starts when you hit the magic button. Don't expect answers to private questions in free chat, but do feel free to ask me about my abilities, experience and range of works I offer. Available READINGS : Relationships. Career. Finances. Psychological difficulties - dependency, depression, anger, hatred, confusion, isolation, resentment, alienation... All Spiritual & Psychic matters - I am a trained and experienced Shaman & Healer! Past Life readings. Dream Interpretations. Health, Diet & Lifestyle. Aura readings. Discovering your gifts. Insight on your True Path to enlightenment. Apart from doing Psychic & Tarot readings, I do Healing sessions too. Just hit your magic button and meet with me in private for powerful Mind and Body altering experience with guaranteed results! (Find out more in chat) HEALING TREATMENTS Available in my private consultation : Aura and Chakra clearing & reprogramming. DNA activations and Re-Patterning. Chord Cutting and assistance with emotional release! Psychic Activations and Initiations(Master class students only!) Astral Projection- I help in preparing your etheric body for such work.(Master Class students only!) I also provide personally tailored classes and workshops. Direct transmission of ancient Spiritual Practices related in a way that you would understand and be able to apply- guaranteed to be a powerful life changing experience! I can accommodate novices, intermediates and experts to broaden their fields of experience. Hit your magic button to join me and learn to change your life! (Find out more in chat) WORKSHOPS Available in private consultation: Psychic & Spiritual Development.( Clairvoyance, Clairaudience & Clairsentience respectively) Psychic Self-Defense and Chord cutting. Emotional Release & Re-birthing. Creative Enhancement- great for aspiring artists and businessmen & women alike. Grounding- perfect for those more gifted than they are experienced! Empowerment. Abuse- learning to Love and Forgive again! Attracting Love. Manifesting Wealth. Empathy and Telepathy. Shamanic Trance. Seeing Aura's & Energy. Chakra Activation. Sound and Color healing. Aura Healing- the safe and reliable way! (Master Class) Sacred Use of Sound- Mantra Yoga(Various levels) Crystal Healing. Dream Interpretation. Lucid Dreaming. Sacred use of Ritual - transform your life with simplicity. Esoteric Yogic & Tantric practices. About me : I deliver accurate and insightful Psychic readings, with more than twenty years experience! I provide reliable guidance, sincere and down to earth, using my psychic and spiritual gifts with an in-depth understanding of the Tarot, Psychology and the Esoteric Sciences to help you find meaning and direction in all spheres of life. I am a Master Healer and a Teacher with a vast reservoir of Wisdom to tap for your personal growth and Psychic & Spiritual development. I also initiate the more developed students and bring them into the Inner Circle of Adepts. This is a great opportunity for healing practitioners and teachers to upgrade their Esoteric knowledge and skills. My history and training: Gifted since birth with past-life recollection, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, I have been able to know, understand and predict things and spent my early years as a baby dreaming my past lives and watching leprechauns dance. I was also able to see the dead and transmit psychic abilities to other children, which often resulted in their parents becoming afraid of what the could not understand. I come from a line of gifted seers : my dad was born with the core and had prophetic dreams and intuition, his mother was a gifted oracle and psychic with much arcane knowledge of healing herbs. She maintained that her lineage was an unbroken one of pure celtic blood that produced powerful psychics, and as such knew how to read my father at birth and confirm he was born with the core and thus gifted, which his life later confirmed. His father had occult knowledge and was connected to many Shaman in Africa- but was of welsh origins. My mother is an innate medium, able to see the dead, a healer and an astrologer of Prussian lineage mixed with Germanic and Celtic bloodlines, who's grand mother once again, was a gifted sensitive & empath that displayed spiritual understanding and was graced with Wisdom that those around her could perceive. Hence I grew up with these natural abilities, surrounded by nature spirits and in constant communication with my guides, who trained me in the use of these gifts and helped me make sense out of the seeming chaos of a world that few seemed to understand. After a death experience at age three, when I drowned after falling into a swimming pool, and had the most wonderful and liberating experience of my childhood I had noticed I could see through the veil of death too. I then spent much of my childhood contemplating the nature of life and death, peoples irrational fear thereof and the attachment to loss that I could see in all the people around me. I am an initiate of the Sacred Mysteries and developing Medium & Psychic since 1989, at which tender age I performed my first successful exorcism & banishing of P.K. manifesting entities. I had made contact with a group of Inter-galactic beings from Pleiades, who continued my training and later introduced me to The White Brotherhood of light, with whom I was initiated and versed in the principles of Esoteric Arts & Science and Spiritual development. The Western Kabalah , Vedic Lore and practices- Yogas and Tantras are at the heart of my teachings. I have recently returned from 14 years of travel where I lived and studied these disciplines with masters from varying traditions. I have had extensive training on the inner planes, and gone through various initiations and activations with the Brotherhood of Light. I also spent several years learning with teachers from the Kabalist university while living in Israel; Yoga Kendra Guru in Rajasthan- India; the Venerable Nayaka Thera in Jungle Hermitage( Kudumbigala)- who was the chief administrator for the Eastern Provence of Sri Lanka (Buddhist Society). I also trained in ashrams with Tantric Guru’s in North India as well as many highly developed yogis and the list of great and powerful adepts I have been lucky enough to teach and learn from goes on.. On pilgrimage in the Indian Himalayas and the jungles of Sri- Lanka, in Hermitages and ashrams, rain forests and deserts I spent cumulatively seven-eight years in India, living the life of an ascetic and accumulating a wealth of Esoteric Lore tempered by the practical understanding that comes from full-time devotion and practice. After spending several years in ashrams of Northern India, I took a vow of poverty for two years and traveled with an ascetic