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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: No
Experience: 20-25 years
Topics: angel card reading,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body years

BRITISH UK TV PSYCHIC MEDIUM WITH AN AMAZING RECORD OF OVER 3400 READINGS GIVEN IN JUST ONE YEAR ON ORANUM * ACCURATE READINGS * LOVE SPECIALIST * LONDON * ENGLAND * UK * TV PSYCHIC MEDIUM TO THE STARS ยค BUY MY BOOK ON AMAZON KINDLE. I have my own published book for sale called (I'm Not Mad I'm Psychic) on Amazon price is $8.99 - This is the link: You may have seen me in one of my 100's of TV programs on national and international TV including TV3 Psychic Readings Live broadcast in Ireland, Sky Channel 885 & 886 broadcast in the UK. I am one of the celebrity readers for the stars and have read for 1000's of people including well-known actors, singers and very important clients throughout the world. ABOUT ME : International Psychic Medium Wayne Isaacs Ever since I was a child I always had an idea I was different to other boys and from the age of fifteen I had always worked with helping others in the property world and was very successful in this line of work and enjoyed dealing with people and they were always drawn to me to help them and advise them of choices they had to make. I only found my gift later on in life when different circumstances happened to me through out my teenage years. I have always felt the urge to give people messages but really did not understand what I was dealing with and I always thought we could all do this and had the gift. In the early years I thought it was just guess work or me being lucky. My Mediumship work really took off when my Mother passed away in 2003 very quickly from Cancer and this I believed opened me up to question my ability and what was it that was giving me the information. I wanted to know how am I able to do this and what was my purpose in life. After attending a spiritualist church in 2003 and getting a message from a Medium with Mum coming through with exact validations I joined a circle group and became the only person left from a group that started out as forty. I then went on to do platform work and one to one readings. The rest is history and I know spirit have pushed me to were I am today but I must say all what has happened to me has been a natural progression and has not been pushed or rushed. I am still learning to strive and fine tune my gift and I give up my time to do charity events so that I can give evidence of the afterlife and bring loved ones closer together. Wayne is currently filming for the TV3 Ireland show which is aired live every day for 2 hours early and you can read about Wayne in Chat it's Fate magazine in September 2012. Wayne is on Sky Psychic First channel 885 three times a week as well as being very busy with one to one private readings and charity work raising money for Cancer research UK and Community events. Interview with Psychic Medium Wayne Isaacs The loss of someone close can often lead us to search for spiritual truth, but for Wayne Isaacs begin of the meeting a medium after the death of his mother proved a turning point from which he's never looked back.