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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: No
Experience: 20-25 years
Topics: pendulum,dream interpretation,crystal reading,clairvoyance,crystal healing,holistic healing,natural healing,chakra healing,angel readings,angel communication,angel healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

LOVE ******.CAREER*******FINANCES.******** SPIRIT CONNECTION*******SPIRITUAL LIFE SOUL PURPOSE*******.PAST LIFE READINGS ******** HEALING******** WICCA AND MANIFESTATION********.PSYCHIC SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING. WELCOME BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT SOULS to RADHAGODDESS. ************************************* I am a natural intuitive third generation MEDIUM, CLAIRVOYANT, EMPATH, HEALER and WICCA. ******************************************************************************************************** FREE CHAT is a chat room area where you are given an opportunity to meet and join in conversation with me. I have many years experience in the tools I use, but they are a skill only used in free chat.. Any questions or concerns must be taken into private reading where I can openly and freely assist you. Readings are always taken into private and are not permitted under Oranum terms to be openly discussed in free chat. There will be DEMOS where you will get to witness my techniques as a reader and many inspiring spiritual discussions, healings and spiritual connections. So please feel free to join me and others, I only ask for respect and compassion. My public room is a space of sacredness and love any abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. I encourage you to read my feed back, and if you have had the opportunity to have a reading with me in private reading or in demonstration in free chat please leave your feed back, as its VERY IMPORTANT others can share in your experience with me as a reader. Do not forget to add me as your favourite, on facebook, twitter and in Oranum Community page. ************************************************************************************************ My Gifts... Clairvoyance Mediumship Empath The tools I Use in free chat ************************************** Arch Angel oracle deck reading Angel therapy work and oracle deck reading Crystal oracle deck reading Tarot ( Aleister Crowley deck) Connections are also made in free chat, with a yes or no question only. HEALINGS. ************* EMAIL READINGS ******************************************** PLEASE NOTE*********** ONLY HEALINGS AND SPELL WORK IS PERFORMED IN AN EMAIL SETTING. ALL MEDUIMSHIP... CLAIRVOYANT READINGS ARE DONE IN A PRIVATE READING ON ORANUM WHEN I AM ON LINE. THIS IS MY PREFERRED PREFERENCE.. .... I practice WICCA ( White Witch ) and have great knowledge regarding manifestation and spell work under universal law of Light and Love. Wicca has been practiced in my family through three generations and I feel very blessed to be able to share in its wisdom and knowledge. SPELLS are also best performed under an email setting due to the preparation time needed to manifest its magic. The healing techniques I use are CHAKRA BALANCING and ABSENT HEALINGS. A Chakra balance in a private takes around 15 minutes. ABSENT HEALINGS can be performed for yourself or a loved one and are best through an email reading setting. You will be asked for a name and some personal details so a healing can then begin to take place. Healings can work instantly or can take a few days to manifest, depending on the individuals personal spiritual growth. Please ask me directly in free chat what information is necessary so a healing can be performed. Accurate personal details are important. ************************************************************************** I also have qualifications in Counselling under mental health and a practioner in EFT ( Emotional freedom technique ) and Matrix Reimprinting. Feel free to ask me more regarding the wonderful healing techniques involved in these therapies. I am able to show demonstrations in free chat if you are interested in learning. I also work closely with holistic therapies, which can be incorporated with western medicine. I have a great knowledge in Australian bush flower remedies and Bach remedies. ***************************************************************** PLEASE READ MY BIO..... My connection with the divine realm was encouraged early in age with the loving guidance of my guardian angel Angelica. It was through my exploration and connection with spiritual beings on the astral planes that I gained intuitive knowledge. I was guided personally by elders to open my heart chakra, and this graciously allowed me to receive messages in the form of thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams and clairvoyance. As a young child I struggled with my gifts. I was unable to express my experiences due to the strong conditioning of Catholicism in my family which created beliefs and inevitably led to a crippling cycle of limitation. My spirituality felt illusional and a burden. But instead of abandoning my gifts I continued to grow in harmony with them, which motivated my craving for greater knowledge. At 16 I began tarot card readings but still hesitated using my psychic abilities. Finally at 18 I found the courage to embrace my responsibilities as a lightworker. As my personal development in spiritual work advanced, my hesitation was lifted and so did my feelings of my gifts being a burden. Today I hold great gratitude towards the labours of my faith in my higher self and in God. Everything was perfectly aligned to fill my life with love. So regardless of all the harshness we call a life lesson, I can now trust and reveal my true nature easily, lovingly and express it authentically. So in celebrating myself I am inevitably giving another permission to celebrate, and I do this by working towards what has truth and authenticity in life, and that is in my passion, my work as a Psychic Spiritual Counsellor. I am always divinely guided and loved and my goal as a psychic spiritual counsellor is to help assist another spirit soul to emerge to a new level of inner peace, where they can learn to be guided by their higher self and the force of unconditional love. Life is a manifestation, a playground where you have free will to choose your destiny, we have many pathways which operate according to the universal laws. It is my intention to lovingly guide you to believe YOU CAN enjoy it and grow through its challenges. With my knowingness, psychic abilities and skills in counselling I know how to support you so that you find the answers which bring peace, hope and happiness under any conditions. I do not judge and believe everyone is deserving of unconditional love. My empathy and compassion also allows me to be a very beautiful reader with no limitations. My communication with spirit is very accurate I cover all topics of concerns and I do this naturally. My method of reading is knowledge I translate from spirit through my gifts in Clairvoyance and Mediumship, I do not use tools. Any clarification I seek is through the assistance of my guardian angel Angelica and my guide Robert. ************************************************************************************* It is exciting to be part of this journey with you, I embrace you with unconditional love and send you much Joy, Peace and happiness. Thank you for reading my profile..