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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: tarot reading,angel card reading,clairvoyance,angel readings,angel communication,angel healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,mind and body years

Are you the type of individual who tries to find clarity in the things and events around you? Do you sometimes find yourself questioning the existence of a higher force or unifying power that binds us to all living things? Do you have the faith to believe that this higher plane of existence is out there and exists? Do you fear the possibility that it may not? Do you believe that fate and destiny shape our existence and that we are a predetermined path, or does it seem like life is just a series of random events that we spend our life trying to find a pattern to. Does God really take a hand in the events of our everyday life? How can we ever be sure other than just wanting to believe? If you answered YES to these questions, then I AM here to help YOU! WHO AM I? Prophetess Sayette has been a spiritual reader since 1996. I have helped many in the areas of health, business, and love. Everyone yearns to know what happens next. . . What career path should I choose? Where do I go? What will I do? Who will I love or who will love me? These are all the questions that many have. . . but few are able to answer these questions or reveal these mysteries. Everyone wants to know what his or her life's purpose is. . . What does God say?What does my guardian angel say about my future? YOU can find the answers to all of these questions. You can open the door to an infinite future of blessings and joy! You can have the enlightenment that God wants you to have. You deserve to have a prosperous life.... IT IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! You hold the keys to your future in your hands. UNLOCK THE DOOR TO MANY MYSTERIES!!! Ask me what you desire to know about YOUR LIFE! KNOW THE TRUTH! STOP THE LIES! STOP THE DECEIT! STOP THE CONFUSION! Get ENLIGHTENMENT! ASK the prophetess! HEALING. . . . If you are feeling pain in your body, this is a sign that something is spiritually unsound going on in your body. You need to get the information that will help to alleviate the pain and stop the annoying problem. You need to ask the Prophetess about your body and what it's telling you. YOU need to take control of your life. . . you only have ONE BODY, ONE MIND, and ONE SOUL! They ALL should be aligned in order for you to feel total ENLIGHTENMENT and FREEDOM from disease and torment. The ENEMY WANTS US SICK.... LIES! The ENEMY WANTS US IN PAIN. . .LIES! The ENEMY WANTS US DISCONNECTED FROM OUR SOURCE OF HEALING AND LOVE...LIES! STOP THE LIES OF THE ENEMY! STOP HIS TRICKS!!! GET HEALING and LEARN TO MANIFEST your TRUEST DESIRES! FINALLY . . . I am a mother, teacher, and student. I love helping others. I am a spiritual person who loves working with others. I believe in God and I believe that he has given me the ability to assist others. I want to be an inspiration to others because I believe that this is my life purpose. I believe that God put me here to serve mankind and to work with my angels to help those in despair. I desire to find the truth and to lead others to the light. I want others to see the God in me and to see the connection that we all have to Him. I believe that if I can help just one person that I have done the work of God. I believe in prophecy and I believe in angels. I see visions and I see signs. I want to be able to express my visions and signs through angel readings and healing. I feel strongly that I have the gift of healing and desire to help those who are in need. I believe that God wants me to share my gift with others and to inspire the broken-spirited. Also, I believe that I will be blessed when I help those in need. . . My areas of specialty are: Angel Readings Archangel Readings Healing and Meditation Crystal Readings Spiritual Readings Free Chat Rules: Please do not exhibit harmful behavior such as racism, negativity, insults, or profanity. Please no arguing in the free chat. Please do not ask for personal (private) readings in free chat. Please do not discuss personal business in free chat. Please do not discuss other readers with intent to defame or slander in free chat. Please do not exchange personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses. Thank you for taking the time to read the rules.