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Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,rune divination,crystal reading,clairvoyance,reiki,crystal healing,natural healing,chakra healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

5 STARS CONSISTENTLY SINCE SEP 25, 2012 I've been a tarot reader since February of 1995; Clairsentient, Clairaudient, and Clairvoyant since before I can remember. I specialize in Love and Relationships, but I also answer Career Path and Spiritual journey questions. Currently the deck that I am using is Tarot of the Old Path. I've been reading from this deck since 2001 as it just seems to fit. How do I work?: I strongly believe that there are 3 sides to everyone’s story; Your side, their side, and the combination of the two to make the truth. I use my G*d(G*ddess, respectively) given psychic, intuitive, and empathic abilities in combination to interpret the Tarot, scry into random objects, and listen to my grandparents who have all passed on, to help you see the truth of the matter. All I ask of you when you take me private is your first name, and what realm you would like the reading on (Love, Money/career, Spirituality), most often these realms intertwine though as everything is connected in come form or fashion. Yes I do use spreads if the questioner is vague as to what they want to know, or if they have a general interest without anything specific. For questions that are specific however, I draw 4-5 cards and read them like a book for the answer. ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ What is Tarot? (brief explanation) ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ The Tarot's origins aren't really known. Some claim that they came from Romani tribes in North Eastern Europe, some pin point Italy as that's where the oldest set of them were found, and some claim Ancient Egypt for various reasons. I am not here to debate the geographical origins of the Tarot, rather to give my own philosophy as to the reason why it was conceived. Back in the earlier ages of mankind the only way we had to pass on stories were through pictures. Some took these pictures and created a way to divine what is going on in a person's life and help guide them back to spiritual well being. The Tarot is a spiritual exploration tool, by way of giving an alternative perspective to help guide a person in their growth through life. You still have free will though. Think of Tarot as a snap shot. Sure the snap shot stays the same, and things change afterwords, that's why we take pictures. To remember how we were yesterday and make today and tomorrow better IF we can. Another way to see tarot as, is a road map to your destination, it’s still up to you as to which roads you take to get there. Tarot was NOT meant for “fortune telling” or guaranteeing that if you sit on the couch that something will happen. You have to get out and meet your future half way. Yes I can give time frames, but note they can change depending on your effort. My job here is to interpret the cards and HELP you get onto a path that you are happy with in mind and spirit, give council where needed, provide you with an alternative perspective to assist you in making clear decisions and sound judgments in your life. Ultimately the choice is yours, as you are in control. ***Please do not confuse Tarot with Gypsy, Fortune, or Oracle Cards as they differ in style of reading. ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ✿BIO✿ (revised upon multiple requests) ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ ☽◯☾ I am a 5th generation psychic with roots in Prussia, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. I enjoy the company of all though. It's not like we get to choose where we were born, right? We're all human.☺ I am married to an Army(4 years)/Navy(10 years) veteran. I’ve always had an affinity for communicating with animals, flowers, trees, etc., ever since I can remember. Astrology and astronomy were my first loves in my youth. My maternal grandparents were “botanists” who were all about teaching me the natural rhythm of seasons; life’s balance… and I never knew my paternal grandparents when they were alive, only recently have they made their presence known. When I was 14, I ended up riding my bicycle from early morning seminary to highschool. To save time, I turned left into the bicycle lane for oncoming bicycle traffic, instead of crossing the street like we're supposed to. BAM! Into the nose of a midsized car. Estimated speeds: them 37mph, me do to the topography etc. etc. etc. 13mph. I blacked out had some road-rash in various places, a sprained ankle, nerve damage to my shin (to this day it feels weird to touch it) and months of compartmental syndrome. Later I described the black out to a few people and they confirmed that it was an out of body or near death experience. As I recall, during the black out, I looked down at myself as I lay out on the pavement, another cyclist was leaned over me, and a lady in a bathrobe was screaming. There was an angel standing in the air with me. He said: “Not yet” and I felt a soft push between my shoulder blades. When I came to, the screaming lady who hit me was louder, my chest hurt, I tried sitting up, the cyclist convinced me to lay down, and the paramedics arrived shortly after. Some say it's a Near Death Experience, others say it was out of body. Honestly, I'll let you decide that one. The following year, the Print Shop Teacher's Aide was dealing cards and telling a story of sorts to another student. I became curious. My Mother had 3 Tarot Decks in a box in her closet. When I had asked my mother about them, she told me not to worry about them and quickly changed the subject. I managed to ask the Teacher's Aide about them. We talked for a bit and then she asked if I wanted to learn how to read them after school. THIS WAS WHEN I FIRST FOUND OUT WHAT I WAS, AND WHAT MY GIFTS ARE. I didn't turn professional until February of 2009 due to reasons of just not wanting to, and just barely started on Oranum in September 11th of 2012 when I was tested, September 25th, 2012 I became an “Expert”. Public Service Announcement: Please do not base your everyday decisions solely off of what a reading tells you. Please see a trained medial professional in regards to your health issues. I refuse to do pregnancy readings or answer questions your gyno should answer. I am NOT a lawyer, police officer, or elected official, so please don’t expect me to answer law questions. Please don’t ask me what your own perception of an event or person will be as that's your choice, not mine. PLEASE NOTE: **Senses: I may be able to Feel people and their feelings (Clair-sentience and Empath), Hear what kinds of things spirits and people say (Clair-audience), See what's going on (Clairvoyance), but, I'm not able to smell (Clair-salience), or taste (Clair-gustance) as often as I'd like, it comes and goes. Therefor, I am NOT