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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: No
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: angel card reading,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body years

Hello and welcome My name is soulmate advisor *~*~*I KNOW THE FUTURE OF YOUR REALATIONSHIP~*~*~ I have 19 years experience and I am accurate! I specialize in love readings, reuniting loved ones and stopping unwanted divorces. I use Tarot readings, psychic clairvoyancy, astrology and also psychic dream interpretations. I will tell you if he or she is your soul-mate. I can tell you if past love-relationships will be reentering your life. All I need is the names and dates of birth and I will reveal names, birth places and find out if he or she is faithful or not! soulmates,dating,family issues,how somone feels for you. Theese are just some of the many areas and questions that I expert in. RULES IN MY CHAT! NO NEGITAVE ENERGY! My chat is always calm relaxing. I DO NOT ANSWER FREE QUESTIONS DO NOT BE RUDE TO OTHER MEMBERS IN CHAT Please DO NOT discuss your personal information in the Free Chat. Please connect privately with me, as your issues will be kept confidential I have given advice to some of the world's biggest stars, politicians, police departments, and I have appeared on many TV shows Please do not compare me with other psychics. I am a God-gifted psychic. I also perform aura cleansings and spiritual healings. There is no problem so great that together we cannot solve! With my help and advice, you can fulfill your dreams and find your destiny. I can lead you to a better and prosperous life! All the negative energies that surround you and stop you from succeeding in certain areas of your life. We...together, can harness that energy. CALL TODAY FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW Are you seeking guidance from a accurate psychic-intuitive / spiritual metaphysician? Do you want the truth? You are here to find the solution to help guide you I know that I can help guide you and provide you with a lasting experience with my psychic-intuitive reading. My abilities include: ★ Reading Your Energy and Those Around You ★ Remote Viewing the Past, Present and Future ★ Spirit, Angel, Elder Being Connections ★ Medical Intuitive Healing ★ Psychological & Sub-consciousness Guidance / Dream Interpretation ★ Love & Family Relationship Guidance ★ Work, Career & Financial Guidance ★ Religion & Faith Guidance ★ Guidance for Creating a Productive Life ★ Life Purpose, Happiness & Personal Potential Guidance ★ Tarot/Oracle/Pendulum Readings What my clients are saying about there experinces with me! She got it all. Very impressed with her ability tio tap into details of my life and my bf and our relationship. 5 stars and will be back. AnnaMariaEwa, She is amazing....made me feel so relaxed and at ease....She seemed very confident at what she was seeing....I will definitely get another reading....I'm excited to see will see what happens. girl1981, WI With other psychic on here I felt I had to give alot of information before they were anywhere near the truth whereas with soulmateadvisor I literally sat back and let her tell me everything and how accurate most of it was really surprising. Really amazing few minutes, conected to rpoblem, show me where d problem came from and how i could solve it, and to keep hope becoz i got amazing tings coming towards me, as well gave some ideas and solutions to my problem, will be bac! love her ty alot! morbid_knight, She was dead on accurate about my soul mate situation. she is on the rare readers here that can tell that difference. She also made me aware of something I wasn't aware weighted so heavily on his mind. for those with twin flame and soul mate issues, she is the psychic to visit on Oranum. jswede1149, boston please leave a honest feedback. you just might see it on my info ;) LOVE AND LIGHT - Soulmate Advisor