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Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

*SHOCKING BUT TRUE, WATCH IT TO BELIEVE IT (* OMG !!! IF U GUYS WANT REAL PSYCHIC THEN TANTRA IS THE **** 1 HERE, I TRIED MANY TOP PSYCHIC BUT TANTRA HAVE UNMATCH ABILITIES. I WANT TO ANNOUCE TO THE WHOLE WORLD THAT HIS PREDICTION HAPPEND IN MY LIFE IN JUST 1 WEEK ! IF U HAVE NOT TAKEN READING WITH TANTRA THEN U MUST BE MOST UNLUCKIEST PERSON !! TRY HIM U WILL LUV HIS HONESTY AND READINGS ! HE DONT ASK U DETAILS AND HE GIVE U GENIUNE INFORMATION ! HIS RATE AND PRICE IS WORTH ! I WILL ONLY TAKE READING FROM HIM.peace147, europe *READ MY BIO & FEEDBACK, I BET U WILL BE AMAZED & WILL RETURN FOR A READING. POWERFUL PSYCHIC & HEALER* *GO TO & GET 10 FREE CREDITS* *MAX REVIEWS ABT PREDICTIONS COMING TRUE- COUNT IT & COMPARE LOLZ. CLEAR, ACCURATE, PRECISE, FAST & TO THE POINT. NO PUZZLES & NO STORIES IN PRVTS.* * HIGHEST LEVEL OF ACCURACY- COMPLETED 2000 READS IN 5 MONTHS* *I SPEAK IN PRVTS AND VERY FAST IN READINGS TOO.. IT SAVES YOUR TIME & CREDITS. I CAN ALSO TYPE VERY FAST IF U WANT* *5 STAR*TOP PSYCHIC-. HEALINGS-SUGGESTIONS-SPELLS & A LOT MORE.*NO FULL NAMES*, *NO DOBs*, * NO FALSE HOPES*, * NO TOOLS *,*NO KIDDING*, *REAL DEAL*. READINGS AT ITS BEST* *MY PREDICTION FOR DOOMS DAY CAME TRUE. WATCH THIS ( .) * *YES. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR DESTINY AND I CAN SHOW YOU HOW* *I AM INTUITIVE, EMPATH, CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRAUDIENT, MEDIUM, AUTOWRITER, TAROT READER, ASTROLOGIST, PALMIST, GEMOLOGIST, SPIRITUALIST, INDIAN TANTRA AND DHYAN YOGA EXPERT.I ALSO PERFORM DIVINE ENERGY HEALING AND BLOCKAGE REMOVAL. I ALSO SPECIALIZE IN EVIL EYE, POSSESSIONS, HAUNTED HOUSES, PASSED LOVED ONE, PAST LIFE, SPIRITS, SPIRITUAL ATTACKS, GETTING RID OF NEGATIVE FORCES AND SPIRITS* ********************************************************************************************************************************* *Note: - when i do psychic readings i do not rely on any tool. I have gifted vision and strong spirit guides to give your answers. i can use auto writing, angel or tarot spread for reassurance* *PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR PERSONAL ISSUES IN FREE CHAT, TALK TO ME IN PRIVATE. KEEP IT PRIVATE. DUN LET OTHERS TO KNOW WHAT YOUR ARE HERE FOR* ********************************************************************************************************************************* ENERGY WORK / HEALINGS / SPELS / BLACK MAGIC REMOVAL ETC. :- 1) Evil eye removal & casting protection spell which will give protection against negative energies for next 40 days. 2) Divine energy healings. 3). Cord cutting. 4) Getting rid of negative spiritual entities, black magic attacks or possessions or Clearing haunted houses, removing negative spirits, and cleansing. 5) Casting Love spells: - note I do not cast spell until I am allowed to do so in a particular case by my guides All these services are offered @ 5.99 per minute. Special Note:-I do not cast money spells or spells to control people or to harm any one. So please do not ask for it. ********************************************************************************************************************************* Karma Astrology:-@ 1.99 CPM Love and married, Money, Business and professional, Health analysis, Children, Residence, Analysis of all nine planets in your natal charts their effects on life, Analysis of all combined planets, debts, kalsarp blemish, Manglik blemish analysis and remedies to get happiness, love, luck prosperity and growth in all aspects of life. These remdies may include some donations, dos and don'ts etc. Vedic Astrology services by email horoscope reading:- 1) Detailed Vedic astrology report, plus all good and bad yogas applicable in your natal charts-per person- $24.99. 2)5 years of future predictions with dates, based on Vedic astrology-per person- $24.99. 3) Detailed Compatibility analysis between a couple - $24.99. 4) Detailed Lucky gemstone and rudraksh bead report and how and when to wear.- $24.99. Special note:-please do not request or ask for psychic and or tarot readings, healings, spells etc during session or email reading for astrology. ***Some of my selected testimonials*** you can go to here you can find all feedbacks i got, ever since i started on oranum :) • I have recently had three readings with Tantra to clear my house of a negative spirit. The difference is night and day compared to how it used to be. The presence of this spirit was ever present and I was always aware of it. Even at night, when I would sleep, I would be kept awake at night by this negative spirit. Every day I would battle with the negativity within my home and that was when I asked Tantra if he could help me. After our first cleansing, there was an immediate difference in the atmosphere of the house. It was like a weight being lifted from around my neck. Tantra is truly a talented psychic. I have consulted Tantra on many occasions in the past and he never falls short. He's definitely the best psychic I have ever consulted. Hermit_Kurama, Moultrie •OMG, HIS PREDICTIONS CAME TRUE, HE IS GENIUS. I DONT HAVE ENOUGH WORDS TO DESCRIBE HIS ABILITIES. manat, Toronto •The things that Trantra told me are all coming true, little by little. I am very excited and happy. Wow! Uvrs53, Eden, NC •Omg ! There is no psychic needed if there is tantra here ! He is alone best !!! And enough for alll ! I see him very spiritual and powerful ! There is no match with this man! If any one want to expirence real answer he is the best deal here. I am inspired by him, i felt his energy ! He is no joke ! And very fast ! Love you tantra ! I will soon come back for more reading. lover344, chicago, illinois •EVERYTHING HE SAID, HAD CAME TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! bebe810, richmond hill •His previous prediction about contact came to pass just as he said it would. Excellent reader, very insightful. iPreferMimi, Kuwait •His readings are very accurate, I've already seen things happening on the next day after having a reading with him. Very good...very good! LiAlexa, Dublin, ca •He is the best on the site! Everything he predicted came true and he gave me details! I give him 5 stars! supermom051959, US •He said a contact would occur within 7 days and on the 6th day it did happen! I think he might be right about the way my man is feeling about me :) halovm, san diego •Awesome as usual, his predictions always happen! calibabe23, California •His predictions about my new job came true within 3 days!! Awesome, he is great!! Thank you. crazyfaiery, cape town •He's absolutely amazing and gives detail for detail! Wow! Even described physical appearances perfectly!! Jboriqua23, loveland •He helps make some desicion in my life and his predictions are so on spot. Try him u would regret it Angelapebbles, usa •He was right. Totally the only one that did get it right. I didn't get the job while everyone else said I will. beautifuleyes999, San Diego, CA •His predictions are coming true...He is honest and truthful. Thank you. Jass7869, Roseville •Amazing!!! First prediction of many has come true! :) Cannot wait for the rest! :) Lost187, London, Uk •Tantra... What can I say.... Predictions coming true... Every darn one of them.... Little by little.... The key word is Patience.... I am Keeping the Faith. Tantra is one of a kind. Uvrs53, Eden, NC •Cannot begin to explain how amazing Tantra is!! His predictions are spot on!! To the day he predicted I was going to recieve contact and what do you know I did!! AMAZINGG!!!!!! disteva, Melbourne •Tantra said I would get contact on Saturday and lo and behold, I get a call at 12:30am on Saturday morning. I really didn't think the contact would come either and it did! Just like he said! ACCURATE!!! Thanks, Tantra love! calibabe23, USA •He is the only real person on here that can physically help with what I need right now, thank you, god and I do have faith. erinangel, Antioch Ca •He is awesome..!!! whatever he has told me has come true... and he always helps me relax and calm down..!! I'll keep coming back to him for help..!! thank you tantra.. :) Chandni18, san francisco •I've had many sessions with tantra, and I have to keep coming back for more, I trust him completely -- ive tried other psychics out of curiousity but I have to still come back to tantra! j, n america •Always great, as usual. I could feel his spell being cast on me to protect me from a bad energy entity as I am moving myself forward in my spiritual journey. He is truly gifted. I recommend him as your first choice. Mordillo98, Brampton, ON •Healing session was awesome! i feel so much better ! Farzana, USA •This man is super great! I took my reading off road to hear from my own guides too! He is so very kind and true with his readings! Just loved it.....willl come back! babszolla, MN ********************************************************************************************************************************* NOTE:- The only topic i do not deal with is lost and stolen objects, animals, people and criminal activities. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The following information is for your protection. For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only. This service is offered to persons over 18 years of age with their personal will and no one is compelled. No reading, prediction and/or remedy given by me should be substituted with appropriate professional advice on any matter of occupation, health, pregnancy, fertility, birth, death, legal matters, finance etc. All decisions, choices and /or actions are the responsibility of the client. Namah Astey