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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 5-10 years
Topics: dream interpretation,clairvoyance,reiki,holistic healing,natural healing,chakra healing,angel communication,angel healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,finance and law,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

Before you request a reading I would like you to read the following: I would like yourself to ask yourself 'Do I really need a reading?' if you immediately answer yes I'd like you to ask yourself WHY? I say this because in my short time here I've realised most people who come to me don't need a reading but someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on or a little bit of advice. So I want you to ask yourself 'Do I need a reading or someone to talk to?' I would also like to ask everyone who would like a reading from me to please spend some time with me in free chat BEFORE going into private chat. Through my own experiences I have discovered that I have a problem giving a clear reading with individuals who don't speak to me in free chat before going into private chat. You can talk to me about anything, ask questions or talk about the weather it really doesn't matter. Another way is to request a single card reading. The single card reading is used as a demonstration but also helps me connect with your energy by providing information on what you already know. If you choose to click private chat without spending time with me in free chat then I cannot be held responsible for the quality of the reading. HOW I READ: I first begin by shuffling my cards only stopping when it 'feels right' and as soon as I begin shuffling I am mentally bombarded with images. Most of these images fly by too fast for me to actually see them however up to 3 images can 'pop' out at me. I describe these images to the sitter, these images could be from the past, present or future. I also describe any feelings and tell them of any words that may have popped into my head as I was shuffling. Next I lay the cards in piles in front of me (this is the first of three spreads). I look at the cards soaking up any images or feelings that they may be giving me. I also ask the cards a number of questions, is the number in relation to time? if I feel it is then I ask 'day, month, year' and the cards respond by attracting me to the answer. The same goes for the other cards and other questions, is it work or home? is this person related? After everything has been asked it's my job to put all these little bits of information together like a jigsaw and even after I've put the pieces together I can still recieve more information. My readings take time and can't be rushed otherwise I rush and make mistakes therefore if you are wanting a quick 5 minute reading I'm not the person you want. I also don't tell you what you want to hear therefore if you ask me a question about your love life and the cards tell me something completely different then that is what you need to focus on. I was taught Cartomancy by my nan when I was a teenager and her aunt taught her. My nan's aunt could do cartomancy and read tea leaves. My mum could tell when someone was pregnant and predict everything about the baby, she also had predictive dreams about family and knew when a family member was going to pass away as her grandfather would visit her. My sister also has predictive dreams and reads angel cards. I have provided readings for family, friends and friends families for several years. Many times I have surprised myself but it is only now, after the encouragement through family and friends, that I have decided to try my hand at becoming professional. I read for my friends on a monthly basis and my recent prediction for my friend is for her to be engaged in july. My other predictions for her included her dating someone for two years who she said she would never get together with, she did and they were together for two years. Other predictions include a friends younger brother giving them a gift on the weekend, I never knew he had a brother or the fact it was his birthday and he recieved a mobile phone. I told a friends uncle to get his stomach checked, he ignored me and when I saw him a few weeks later he told me I should be burnt at the stake (I think it was a joke lol) as he had come out of hospital 3 days earlier due to his stomach (I never found out what exactly was wrong with him). I have also done a touch of mediumship where a gentleman came through who had passed away after a car accident. I described the scene, what happened, his looks, his personality and other qualities.