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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: palmistry,pendulum,dream interpretation,clairvoyance,reiki,natural healing,chakra healing,angel communication,angel healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

WELCOME MEMBERS and GUESTS Extremely high accuracy, Accurate predictions and time frames given. Thoughts and Feelings Reader. Consistently ACCURATE. ACCURATE. ACCURATE. ACCURATE. ACCURATE. ACCURATE. ACCURATE. ACCURATE. “She is most definitely the real thing. Highly intuitive and clairvoyant. She understood my situation and gave amazing insight. She was dead on many aspects of my situation which shows that she is highly skilled and trained. Worth the money” -FrankJ, Dallas.. “Shes just awesome, i'm a psychic my self,and a medium..i got what i asked for plus some ..firs t time i ever get a reading in usually on the other side .lol so im glad i found her i will b bk..thank you Psychic one..namaste!” -rj4890, Orange County What Do You Seek Answers To? LOVE ROMANCE RELATIONSHIPS (of intimacy, professional, any and all others) CAREER & FINANCES the UNPREDICTABLE FUTURE what he/she is THINKING (Psychic Spy) SPIRITUAL or METAPHYSICAL ADVICE GHOSTS SPIRITS. Deep Spiritual Knowledge is in a slumber waiting for the invitation of your quest. I work with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and archangels to bring to you the best information needed for your situation. My friends, I am capable to shed light in moments of darkness when there is but an abyss that awaits when you search for what lies within the heart, the soul, and subconscious mind. Allow me to lead you to those ANSWERS. ENTER into My Chat-Room (at your own risk!... just kidding. LOL) to know if I am your Psychic and INVITE me in Private discussion for further details in the answers you seek. ******* About thepsychicone: ******* My name is Demetra. I am a 37 yr old NATURAL BORN psychic. I am Greek and Black. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. While there, I discovered my gift at a very early age and have been helping others solve their problems ever since. I feel that I am extremely lucky to have been brought up in such a beautiful place (truly heaven on earth). I have a passion, a zeal matched to no other of 100% strive in helping those seeking their own light when the candle has been dimmed or completely blown out. My compassion for everyone never fails or falters. I beseech you, I believe in what I do and my abilities and I find that my healthy sense of humor also helps to lighten the severity of any situation when needed to bring comfort and support when it has been taken or lost. Life is all dealt upon chances and opportunities that fall before us, with guidance towards the right path, I can lead you where you need to go. I am psychic. Psychic is me. thepsychicone. I engage in meditation for at least 3 hours a day to keep a calm mind and body. I find it to be an integral part in my psychic practice, making it even more important to be open-minded, empathetic and understanding to those around me in need. Helping people has always been the one thing that has made me feel the most full-filled. Impassioned by the satisfaction of the members and quests seeking their answers for truth or finding oneself again when lost. When someone begins a new chapter in their lives, or ending one; sometimes an outside perspective is necessary to accomplish and accommodate the ambition inside them. I channel information and read for just about every area of your life, assisting you in your journey. Remember, there are times in all of our lives when our souls are looking for something more, when we need guidance or advice, or just someone to shed some light on whatever is troubling us. Sometimes all it is, is someone to listen to you and give you that sympathetic shoulder or ear where you can find CLARITY in yourself or others; It makes it easier for us to be able to actually see the silver lining in any situation. It is okay, all of us need help sometimes, it's perfectly natural and I would love to be the one to help you!! So what are you waiting for? My skills are and are not limited to: CLAIRVOYANCE (clear seeing with visual images or pictures) CLAIRAUDIENCE (clear hearing) CLAIRSENTIENCE (clear ability to feel and sense what others can feel) A natural born Medium (I communicate with the other side) Channel messages from spirits and or angels, archangels, ascended masters (spirits who've lived and mastered many earth lives), and spirit guides. I am also a paranormal investigator and interested in anything dealing with the paranormal. If there are any questions regarding the paranormal invite me into a private reading where the matter can be discussed in further depth. Tools Needed? NONE I am a “No Tools Needed Psychic Reader.” I can use, but am not limited to: Pendulum Tarot Cards About the CHAT-ROOM My Free Chat room is designed for you to find out more about me, if I am the best candidate to be your psychic in your search for answers and truth. My friends consider me to be the “Oracle.” What I say, often comes true. With time you will become my friend as well, begin your journey with me now and come, consult the Oracle! PLEASE READ THE Rules of my free Chat-Room that are as follows: General questions in free chat. Psychic readings only done in private No rude or lewd comments RESPECT everyone and others at ALL times Must act responsibly and as an adult in a mannerly fashion No form of any bashing against anyone, myself, nor other psychics (will EVER be allowed) Questions that require my psychic abilities are for Private Readings ONLY. Anything of an inappropriate behavior or nature will NOT be TOLERATED. *** DISCLAIMER *** I do NOT answer medical questions, please consult with a medical professional and FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. TESTOMONIALS about thepsychicone Very clear with confident answers. Felt like she knew his personality so well. Gave me dates and a timeline which feels real. Didn't ask me questions but just knew the situation, shows me she is real. Very happy I had this PVT. -Wishingsmi, England At once I felt at peace and like she really saw me. She told me dates, places, people, descriptions, for me to watch for and I recognized these places she described that these events would take place. She gave me such hope, but in a way that I could believe. I normally do not leave feedback, because I do not feel qualified to recommend someone, because they are usually vague. But, I do recommend ThePsychicOne! Thank you so much for an insightful and caring reading! -Devoyne, Rockwall Love her love her love her... Always consistent, sound advice.. I have been to her numerous times and will return as usual... Highly recommend. -Leti8989, Ecuador This woman is the real deal. She was able to answer all my questions, quickly and accurately. I have used many psychics on Oranum, some are gifted more than others. Demetra was able to give me timelines. Very impressive, try her out. -Nathan, Melbounre She was amazing with her reading... she knew things that nobody else could know... I really enjoyed our conversation and would definitely come back to her for more readings... Amazing, gifted person. xxx -Butterflywings10, San Jose Wow, this lady blew me away. Picking up on details I never even mentioned. Tuned in very quickly with my issue and cleared a lot of confusion up surrounding it. Time scales were give for events to come. this lady is amazing, an absolute must for private reading. Thank you -Chelle54, UK Great reading.. insightful, wise, kind.. Could hear and see and sense... highly recommend! -Lilliablue, US Loved this lady - she is great. Hands down - one of the best psychics I've spoken to. Call her - she's the best! -dmbertault1, Phoenix, AZ Very positive energy - I loved her! While doing a reading with her, I got a good feeling and she knew what I was thinking and feeling even as I was doing the reading -- AMAZING!!! I assure you, should give her a try!! :) -tbrooke2012, Narrows, VA Thoughtful reading that touched my heart and healed my troubled spirit at a time when I really needed it. She is gifted and it seemed to be fated that I spoke with her in particular because she has experienced a similar situation. I will be back to update her and suggest you give her a try for reading. -Sparkly1, USA She was great. very patient......great knowledge.... i dont know how she does it ... but she had answers to my questions already... she knew things beforehand...and it was lovely talking to her ! Keep up the good work PsychicOne :) -Cathy2281, India One word she is just amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! highly recommend her. -Ifyoudontmind, Heart of the Damballa Really great psychic, kind and tells it pretty accurately. Caught on my situation very well, highly recommended to others. -Amir Ajman, UAE Great ...gave good advice for business and love life. think she is right on the money too! Call her she is good -Collier12, New York Such positive energy... my relationship at this time is not good but she provided me with insights and positivity in a negative situation... highly recommend -Leti8989, Ecuador Always splendid, considerate and great timings with answers. Thanks again so much. Well worth it. -1234confused, UK She was very good and intuative. Knew the situation and described people perfectly. -Florwer85, Florida