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Languages: en,hu
Email readings: No
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: pendulum,dream interpretation,crystal reading,clairvoyance,crystal healing,holistic healing,natural healing,chakra healing,angel readings,angel communication,angel healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

PORTRAIT About me I felt attracted to the world of mystery, dreams, mythology and tales since my early childhood, I also feIt the need to connect them to our everyday reality. I’m able to take advantage of their wisdom in our daily lives. The long process of researching the Astrology, Tarot and Jungian psychology and dream interpretation has finally enabled me to find a common language for the two sides of reality, apparently so contradictory to each-other. I have completed a 4 year school of Astrology at the Baktay Ervin Institute of Astrology, Budapest, Hungary in 1997. Even since I have been steadily updating my knowledge from available literature, and I also had learnt a lot from my clients. Tarot divination also gives me precious tools in everday life, whenever I need a quick and intuitive understanding of a person or a situation. I have started studying Tarot in 1992 and after getting familiar with different types of decks, I realized that the Rider – Waits Tarot fits best to my personality. The cards enabled me to make wise decisions both in my private life and in business, profession. I find the daily readings particularly useful which are also a part of my spiritual practice. Apart of Tarot and Astrology, I keep on paying particular importance to my dreams. Working with their images is an endless source of creativity, inspiration and vital energy. Daily meditation, practice of hatha yoga, and tai chi and vegetarian diet helps to keep my channels clean, so that I can easier tune to the messages rising from the wiser dimensions of our personality. I consider Astrology and Tarot two complementary methods to understand our lives better. Astrology I regard the birth chart as the map of our lives and destiny, indicating our orientation, drive, and patterns of vital energy. The birth chart offers precious signals on lifestyle, activity, and ways of self expression, which can enable us to effectively develop our innate potentials. Besides the methods of traditional astrology, I make use of the Jungian psychological approach for a deeper analysis and insight. The aim of the consultation is to provide practical and useful suggestions for problem solving and understanding our innerself. If we understand the blueprint of our life, we can modify a number of factors previously considered “unchangeable”, thus we can significantly improve the quality of our life. Tarot How Tarot works? The mystery why the Tarot works has more to do with the mind of the reader and the client than with the cards themselves. The Tarot images act as mirrors reflecting things that the subconscious mind already knows and feeding this information through the conscious mind. Thus we can say that the cards work as a bridges between our conscious and subconscious knowledge. Informations rise out of the subconscious through dream, fantasy and intuition, and Tarot stimulates this process when sensitively read. Those images are powerful archetypes which can identify relevant associations with unexpected accuracy if properly interpreted. What Tarot cards can and can ‘t do for you? In order to give and to get a good reading both the client and the reader have to be aware what the cards can and can’t do for you. They can give indications and guidelines for future events (common questions like: “what is the outcome of this relationship?” “what are my financial/ professional prospects” “my health condition”) , they can clearify a difficult situation (“what happens if I remain/ choose this relationship, job, etc and what happens if I quit it/ I go in an other way?” “how should I handle my partner, my ex, my boss, my mother, this situation). However, Tarot is not a fortune telling computer. The cards only indicate the possibilities and we need to go through the door to meet them. The energies and opportunities indicated by the cards still have to be acted upon. Thus, if the cards suggest change, we should do something about it, if they suggest you do nothing, you should stay passive. The cards don’t state definite and unchangeable events (nor does the horoscope and any other divinatory method). Their message is sometimes necessarily vague and it is important that the seeker gets room to make his/ her own mind about the matter. Certain questions are not possible to be answered by Tarot (like: “what is the goal of my life?”, “Is soul-mate?” – although the cards will certainly indicate the quality and future of the relationship-, “will I have a daugther or a son?”,”what would be a suitable profession for me”, etc.) Considering this, the cards should be used as guidelines rather than a hard and fast way to behave. We should always remember the old saying: “The Tarot cards make an excellent guide but a bad master”. How do I tune on my guests at Oranum ? Meanwhile a comprehensive astrological analysis requires long hours,Tarot gives prompt, relevant and practical advices regarding a particular matter within a significantly shorter interval. That‘s why I use Tarot cards to answer my Oranum guest’s questions during the private readings. (Certainly I also use my Astrological background both on the free chat area and during private consultations, to present the current constellations which have certain impacts on our lives on a general level.) The birth data of my guest (year, month, day, if possible hour and location, too) give me precious complementary information to create a clearer picture about their current situation and character before the reading. I’m happy to share my experiences with those who are searching for answers