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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en,hu
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 10-15 years
Topics: angel card reading,clairvoyance,angel readings,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,lost and found years

WOULD YOU LIKE KNOW, WHAT IS HIM/HER FEELING AND THINKING ABOUT YOU? - I know the ansvers. I am a born witch with innate abilities and I am also a wiccan priestess. I specialize is the Crowley Tarot, Dreamer Tarot, Gipsy card, Goddess card, Angel card and Witch's runes and the pendulum. I work with Angels and bio-energy. I can sending cleaning energy and COURSE REMOVE (after the course analysis) - negative blocks also I sending Angels blessings and healing energy. I KNOW MANY SPELL (only white magic) FOR LOVE, BETTER JOB, LUCKY, MONEY ETC... NOW I LEARNING, THAT I'LL BE A WICCA PRIESTESS... Beside 12 years practice and I have several people in my family who were also witches, and working with white magic. I like helping people solve their doubts, problems. I'm ready and eager to work and give my light my love to the needy. I am working a famous fortune-teller channel in a Hungary television too. I'm every day helping some people with my cards, runes........... All I know: - Love and relationhip - Carrer and job - Health and Illness - General readings - Angels messages and Angels blessings - Course and negative blocks analysis and remove - Chakras cleaning - Full reading with questions and with course analysis and take off - Full reading with questions and chakras cleaning - Contact with the spirit of the dead peoples - Healing energy sending - Positive energy sending - Spells (Only White magic) for Love, Money etc. - IF YOU SENT ME A PICTURES ABOUT YOUR HOME, OR CAN YOU WRITTING, HOW MANY ROOMS THERE IS YOUR HOUSE, I CAN REMOVE FROM THE BAD, NEGATIVE ENERGIES YOUR HOUSE. I use: * Crowley Tarot * Ludvig Tarot * Goddess card * Angel card (Doreen Virtue) * Gyipsy card * A card deck for the connecting problems * Witch's Rune * Crystal ball * Rhinestone pendulum * Witchcraft * White magic * Energies I FELT THE GOD'S POWER, I HEART THE GODDES VOICE, I SOME MIRICLE IN THE PAST TO THIS WAY, BUT NOW I KNOW, MY LIFE, THAT I CAN HELPING FROM ANOTHER PEOPLES AND GIVE THE ANSVERS WITH CARDS...ANGELS ETC. MESSAGE... AND MORE MESSAGE FROM OUTSIDE. I wish give many-may Hopes, Love and Light in your way (in your life)! Love yourself, love and enjoy the life, love anothers peoples and this Worlds! Blessed be! With Love: Yana Witch