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psychic medium
Languages: en,es
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 10-15 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,rune divination,crystal reading,clairvoyance,reiki,crystal healing,natural healing,chakra healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

☼ ===== ☼ DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH? ☼ ===== ☼ Sometimes we need to stay open if we really want to know what is happening into our lives..., and the way ahead... I invite you to come to a PVT and listen carefully...!!! TAROT cards have huge wisdom, we may respect that... ======================== HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR EVERYBODY!!! This year will be full of love and light...! go for it!!! ========================= Hello and very welcome to my room…! My name is Lilian and I would like to help you. I am an understanding person who likes to listen and always try to help others to known themselves and accept their own values. I am emphatic and always try to find a solution for every one... Since I was very young I felt the curiosity to approach everything with magic and the esoteric world, I read a lot more than I could practice at first because I feared the unknown…, over time I realized that everything is done thinking spiritual well-being and support our fellow is renewed in love and wisdom. Right now my home is Yucatan, Mexico, a place full of magic and charm, full of mysticism and ancient maya knowledge, living here has been a huge enrichment as well as also being in direct co-existence with nature and how it inspires us, respecting, and valuing, learning at a glance what often goes unnoticed. ======================THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR KINDLY FEEDBACk! ======================= === Great reading!!! vjrei01, Miami === She is great!!!! She reads straight from the cards, so the message is clear and relevant. She has always keep her focus on the purpose of the reading. Very considerate with the time available. She is Great!!! numee2012, NY === Very nice person, very good reading! thank you! Angie, roma === Amazing... Sean, americas === She is fantastic! What can I say!!! She is truthful to the cards but kind in her words!!! numee2012, NYC === Great update! Things have been improving just like Lilian predicted a month ago, so i needed an update and it was amazing as always:)) I highly recommend a private reading with her!! LoveElly, Istanbul === Just from the demo alone, I was blown away. She saw a lot and gave me great advice and insight into my future, thank you so much! calibabe23, California === Lilian is so sweet! :) I felt very very comfortable during the private reading and that's very important. She gave me great tips about the future and a clear view of the current situation I am in:) Thank you very much Lilian, I will be back and keep you posted. You are so sweet! :) LoveElly, Istanbul === Nicest woman on oranum and a very good psychic. flowerbird, Glasgow ========================================================================================== Skills: ☼ CELTIC TAROT – Accurate and very clear and deep. It says what you really need to know to grow up and become better person as well as help you to solve your personal situation Life decisions and direction Healing relations Advises and direction ☼ TZOLKIN - MAYA CHART - The maya grandparents have left an extraordinary legacy to humanity. In it synthesizes all the wisdom of the Ancient World -TZOLKIN- is the most useful and important, both for the individual self to all nations, can give us the information for a full and harmonious development. This tool allows each person to be placed in the world, know your tendencies, strengths and weaknesses and pursue in life in harmony with your purpose in life in order to develop their full potential. The Tzolkin is mathematically perfect, has had or will not change, its accuracy is the synthesis of centuries of observation and study by the great astronomers, astrologers, mathematicians and maya scientists. It is the perfect tool for understanding our destiny, our work in the wonder of life, the best gifts they could let to us.. ☼ PERSONAL ENERGIES MANAGEMENT - Baths and guidance to clean up your energies and surround you ☼ MAYA TRADITIONAL HEALING - Herbs and natural therapies ☼ CRYSTAL & STONES - Learn how to use your sign stone and how does it works ☼ WICCA SPELLS & CANDLE MAGIC - Cleansing, romance, luck, health and prosperity. In those spells we have to work together, no matter the distance, just need faith and all the time seriously behavior ☼ FENG SHUI ☼ BIRTH CHART & SINERGY PARTNERS ☼ COUNSELOR SESSIONS - Find what you really crave in life, what you really want ... and go for it ... you only live once, enjoy ... with awareness of who you really are..., I like helping people see the problem from another perspective in order to take steps to solve it ... Love & Relationship healer and orientation Spiritual Counselor Aura & energy cleansing Herbal healing courses and information ☼ PALMISTRY - Everything you should know about who you are and your specific attitudes... DISCOVER IT!!! ☼ Other services Love & relationship Gay- Lesbian - Transgender All matters of life like career, money, personal growing, fertility Life, career Coach/Spiritual Coach ========================= It makes me feel good to help people who come here trying to find a solution to the sad and desperate situations in life. SORRY, NO QUESTIONS ON FREE CHAT See you here ...! - English & Spanish Thanks a lot for your kind feed back! ============================= SOME MORE OPINIONS ============================= She's very nice and I have a beautiful reading with her.. I feel lots of support and I will back again 5 star february72, Aussie === Very compassionate and accurate, the reader made me feel comfortable sharing my questions and doubts, and my reading was handled with calm, patience and understanding. My reading was very spot on and accurate - but more than that, I got helpful life advice, and felt safe and comfortable throughout my reading - which not every psychic is able to do. Highly recommend a reading with this psychic. moonstone2, London === Thank you for your help. She is what i needed and gave me hope and must think positive. She was on point with some things i have been thinking and feeling. I hope that everything does work out as u say. I will be back :) theya822, New paltz, Ny === She is amazing! i absolutely love her readings. Always tell me like it is, never sugar coats anything, and yet i leave the chat room with a smile on my face! dalilahflores, USA === Hello, I gave you 3 stars before, then went back for 2nd update and found out more info than before. I want to give her 5 stars. God Bless you. I will take your advise to the heart. queenbee22, Bronx, NY === She gave good info and I will try her again. queenbee22, Bronx, NY === Very passionate and a very good reader. Virgo292, Washington DC === Excellent, as usual. Clear and concise, very very detailed. Absolutely great reading! dalilahflores, usa === Enjoyed her reading very very much- she is kind and sweet, fast and very very accurate. also, my internet connection was failing, and she was kind and patient the entire time. dalilahflores, usa === Very honest and very accurate, highly recommended! Ortiz12311, Washington === Interesting and very specific about things. i like that mememoi, UK === She is truly a gifted reader. She can pinpoint exactly what is going on in your life without much description from you. Honest and fair reader. Chloe28, Alaske === She was so caring and accurate. Very loving. niharika_1985, Bothell === The words are small to express how much grip she has in her field. What she told me was 100 percent right. I was thinking she have some extra powers which she does not describe in her profile. crossbow599, Lahore === Excellent reader!!!!!!!She was forthright and accurate!!!!!LOVE HER!!!!!!!! tendollars, houston === Very good reader!!! I am thankful!!!!!! tendollars, houston === THANK YOU my great friends!!! Love this feed backs!!! :)