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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en,de,ru,bg
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 30- years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

Believe where others doubt.Work where others refuse.Save where others waste.Stay where others quit and you will win where others lose. READ BEFORE ASK HERE- ORANUM IS PAID SITE.THE PUBLIC CHAT IS PLACE FOR FREE CONVERSATION AND INTRODUCTIONS- READINGS IN PRIVATE AREA ONLY.FREE READING YOU CAN GET IN DEMO TIME ONLY. My name is AHINORA. I am Bulgarian personal adviser -LIFE COACH -with over 25 years experience in personal and business predictions, numerology, clairvoyance, psychometry , physiognomy, phrenology,hypnotherapy, meditation.I am extrasensitive and healer.I can scan your body .I am bioenergy therapist too.Ask for your personal number code of healing.Herbal amulets to improve your positive energy. I have my abilities since my born, but professionally I work for more than 30 years and step by step I improve them in the years. I have worked for Bulgarian, German, French and US companies. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria ,Europe Last education: MBA Languages: English, Bulgarian, Russian, German, French ect. WHAT CAN YOU CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE WITH MY HELP?: Find the correct job for you. You want to start a new own business- when, name of company, brand, partners Your comfortable period to move the home., buy or sell About your relationship- who, when, marriages, divorces, children, You will have a baby- what sex it will be? Private health diagnostic- improve your heath via herbs, personal number code of healering. YOU ARE AT A CROSSROAD- I WILL HELP YOU TO PASS IT SUCCESSFULLY. BELIEVE ME AND YOU WILL BELIEVE YOURSELF- steps of success I am able to advice you. YOU ARE WELCOME ANY TIME! ########## WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DO FREE PREDICTIONS AND FULL READING HERE ########## WHAT I OFFER YOU IN: ***************************** PUBLIC CHAT- AREA FOR FREE CONVERSATIONS AND INTRODUCTIONS: -everyone is welcome here -you can share your problems here, take and give opinion -I kindly ask all of you to respect other members and experts in my room - I am responsible only about my own answers - You can ask about my abilities and way of my work - I do not use tools- I am clairvoyant and extrasensitive - Please, I kindly ask you - do not ask me for free answers and reading here, you have to use my demo time for this - The rude people will be banned PRIVATE SESSION: - Come with your date of birth and personal name - Area of answers: *work area- job,business, partners,deals,projects *financial situation- benefits,real estates,loads,taxes, bills * health diagnostic- Like an extrasensitive I can scan your body and energy; predictions for surgery,pregnancy,diets,current and future health problems, herbs *personal life- relationships,marriage,family,children,trips, education, projects E MAIL READING: - Give your date of birth and your personal name -Ask unlimited questions for all areas of your life -Send your face picture/no older than 6 months/, so I can clean the negative energy if there is. EVERY ONE MEMBER WHO WAS IN PRIVATE SESSION WITH ME WILL RECEIVE A LETTER FROM ME WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSONAL DATES IN THE CURRENT MONTH , TO BE ABLE TO MANAGE THE PLANS IN THE BEST WAY. ******************************************************************************************* YOU ARE WELCOME AT PLACE YOU CAN START TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE *******************************************************************************************