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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 10-15 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

I believe that I became psychic after having Scarlet Fever when I was 7 years old. At that point I began to realize that I had lived before because I could recall a number of events which I had not experienced in this life. I could recall things like flying a plane in the first World War, I can remember being on a whaling ship in the early 1800's and my main spirit guide was a shipmate by the name of Cornelius Wade. As I grew older, I began to have spirit visitation and communication at night. When I was about 17 years old, I and some friends were out driving and found a Spiritualist church in Indianapolis. We at this time were very interested in seances and considered ourselves amateur ghosthunters. The reason I started to study mediumship and spiritualism was when my and my wife's son passed away suddenly. In order to try and save my wife's life, she was inconsolable, I took her here to Cassadaga Florida where we immediately found peace and love and acceptance. I became a student through the certification program. It is a comprehensive study, many years long, of all things spiritual and metaphysical, including ethics, paranormal and psychic work, mediumship and meditation as well as study of Natural Law and ancient hidden teachings. I worked under their guidelines for many years but my guides are telling me, I need to try other ways of reading.