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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 30- years
Topics: mayan astrology,palmistry,pendulum,rune divination,dream interpretation,reiki,crystal healing,holistic healing,natural healing,chakra healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,finance and law,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

GOD BLESS all with LOVE and LIGHT ********************************************** 50 % off on privates !!!! Life is such a BLESSING.Please open your hearts to GOD'S Grace that is waiting for all of us MY PSYCHIC POWER IS A GIFT from GOD My guests have rated me 5 stars from my beginning on ORANUM and i truly Bless all and return your Love and LIGHT I have received much inspiration from my chats. I have been doing readings for over 30 years, and the more we study our psychic gift, the stronger it becomes.The ANGELS love to see us smile... and be HAPPY When I was younger, and older people would not listen to me, I ignored my abilities, because they frightened me also. I was born at a time and place where people believed these things were the work of the devil~ As i grew Older and learned more, and studied it more, I became more enlightened> This was with the help of my ANGELS and SPIRIT GUIDES, that I had been ignoring for a very long time..As I became more aware of their power, I was able to receive more and more information. I ,too, have had a lot of tragedies in my life, but I have learned to accept GOD