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Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: clairvoyance,reiki,natural healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,finance and law,mind and body,rituals and energies years

*** YOUR CONFUSION ENDS HERE *** ----------------------------------------------- +++ Confused? Cant understand why things are going they way they are? +++ When you are facing such times in life and NEED ANSWERS. Get **** PRECISE **** SPECIFIC **** RELIABLE **** ANSWERS with ****ACCURATE TIME FRAMES**** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to NADI ASTROLOGY. It provides the answers to REMOVE ALL YOUR CONFUSIONS. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** # PAST LIFE reading, present life and even the NEXT LIFE. # Understand actions of past life that shaped present life. # TEACHER of NADI and VEDIC astrology # # OVER 18 YEAR EXPERIENCE IN studying and practicing astrology. # EXPERT in PREDICTING AND RESOLVING COMPLICATIONS beyond control. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** What is Nadi Astrology? # It means PHILOSOPHY and it is also 150th DIVISION OF ZODIAC. # It is based on ****ANCIENT TEXTS ON PALM LEAVES OVER 10 CENTURIES OLD****. # It contains **** ACCOUNT OF EVENTS OF LIFE of the INDIVIDUALS**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nadi astrology like any other system of astrology deals with correlation of events in life of individuals with the placement of heavenly bodies. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** # TECHNIQUES TO IMPROVE FUTURE AND REDUCE PROBLEMS # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are techniques mentioned in the ancient texts, which can be used to improve future and prevent foreseen and unforeseen problems. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** What is the difference in vedic and nadi astrology? --------------------------------------------------------------------- There are various nadis with their names based on the writer of the nadi. Most of them were written at least a 1000 YEARS ago. # ***EMPHASIS ON ORDER OF PLANETS*** FOR ***ACCURATE PREDICTIONS*** # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The system of nadi I practice puts emphasis on order of planets along with conjunction. It can be used to Accurately PREDICT FUTURE events, both good and not so good. # UNDERSTANDING THE CAUSES BEHIND EVENTS # ---------------------------------------------------------------- It gives a clear understanding of events that occurred in past and helps us understand the underlying reasons behind present. This helps us not only understand WHY THINGS ARE, the way they are, but also what the future holds for us. # ENHANCE THE FUTURE AND REDUCE ADVERSITIES # --------------------------------------------------------------------- By making prediction of events of past, present and future along with the timing, it allows individuals to make small adjustments in life which ENHANCES FUTURE prospects and AVOIDS or helps REDUCE IMPACT of UNFAVORABLE EVENTS events foreseen in future. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** # Know about *** RELATIONSHIP *** WEALTH*** HEALTH*** CHILDREN *** EDUCATION *** # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The primary areas that are covered are RELATIONSHIP, MARRIAGE, CAREER, WEALTH, HEALTH, CHILDREN, education and even about relatives or basically anything related to an individual. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** # STUDY OF OVER 18 YEARS OF VARIOUS SYSTEMS # --------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been studying astrology for over 18 years now. With gradual study and passage of time the deeper understanding of subject has developed. Study of vedic system gave more clarity and showed that, still, a deeper study is required for clearly defining events and even more accuracy. # GET ALL ANSWERS FROM NADI # --------------------------------------------- The thirst for knowledge lead me to study various system including KP astrology, Jaimini system and then finally all the answers were found in Nadi Astrology. Nadi not only gave clear understanding of underlying causes but it gave complete new perspective to the years of learning of vedic. # ACCESS TO THE ANCIENT TEXTS # ----------------------------------------------- ACCESS to documents in ancient archives with the libraries to get copies of the information on the leaves. A careful study of predictions on these leaves along with team of priests expert in ancient sanskrit and tamil helped in arriving at the underlying logic behind the predictions. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** # MASSIVE DATABASE IN ASTRO RESEARCH CENTER # ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I have been running an astrological research institute for over 10 years now where priests with knowledge of astrology are trained in finer points of prediction using nadi. This center has also been providing the call center service to some leading Telecom service providers by handling astro calls of their users. # DECODING OF PRINCIPLES FROM TEXTS # -------------------------------------------------------- This massive data base for research came in handy along with knowledge and experience of me and my team which lead to decode the underlying principles of Nadi. I humbly offer my services to all the people who are seeking clarity in their life. I can assure that the reading will be in depth and accurate to a high degree along with time frames with the little knowledge i have gathered out of the ocean of nadi astrology.