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Languages: en,hr
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 20-25 years
Topics: angel card reading,clairvoyance,angel readings,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,lost and found years

ABOUT ME: I'm Nityananda Healer. My life is dedicated to helping other people, truth and spiritual practice. I'm meditating 3 hours a day for 22 years. I've lived in India where I perfected my knowledge of meditation, spirituality and healing. I think that helping people is the greatest value in life because helping and giving teaches us to be grateful for what we have. In this way you appreciate the positive things in life and not take for granted what you have . Putting the needs of others ahead of our own is helping many people to find meaning and purpose of one's life. MY AREAS OF EXPERTISE ARE: LOVE- Relationships/Friendships/Partners / Children&Parents MONEY- Career/Success/Business/New projects HEALTH- Physical/Mental/Emotional/Spiritual CASTLE OF MY SOUL- Conecction with higher self/Cleaning the past RELEASING LIFE DESIRE- Finding you're true desires FORMULA OF LIFE FAILURE- Finding the root of your failure that you do in difficult situations AURA PROTECTION PROTECTION FROM BLACK MAGIC with vedic prayers and mantras MY EXPERT SERVICE: There is no problem in life that can not be solved. For everything there is a solution. The question is whether we really want to solve our problem. I will help you to get to the roots of your problem, because only by solving the real cause of the problem you can be cured and happy in life. I will help you recognize what your secondary benefit is. A secondary benefit is the reason why people seek help, but do not want to make un effort to actually solve their problems, because, if they do, they no longer have excuses for failures in life. My basic moto is: Our life in never so ugly that we could not reach the beauty of our valuable life. I have helped many people who have suffered from problems such as; fear; sadness; anger; guilt; depression; jealousy; shame; different types of fobia; felling insecure, not good enough or bad about yourself; loss of family members; domestic abuse; mental or psychical abuse; marital problems either on the verge of divorce.... There is no reason to be frustrated and confused about your situation.This is a special mercy for all of us to make evolution and spiritual revolution in our life. If you want to know solutions for your problems in life come with me on the path of spiritual enlightenment and live life to the fullest. Just call me. For your privacy, all conversation held, is between you and me only. TECHNIQUES I USE:  Psychotherapy- PEAT (psycho energetic auro technology)  REIKI  Astrology  Rune  Rune cards  Angel cards  Spiritual guides cards  Pendulum  Music healing  Chakra healing  Energy healing  Spiritual healing  Mudra healing  Healing through bioenergy  Healing through crystal lattice MY DEGREES: I'm trained ; counselor; authorized alternative psychotherapist- PEAT (psycho energetic auro technology); authorized Reiki teacher and master; expert for vedic sacrifice and mantras. MY EXPERIENCE: I have great success and achievements in reaching solutions for people who have suffered from various problems. More than 22 years of experience, around 1500 clients and more than 5000 treatment. I'm blessed with a God Gift of healing and many people have enlightened their path through this service of mine. I give a real truth which you are looking for. QUESTIONS YOU CAN ASK ME:  Is this a good time to change careers, jobs, lovers?  Why is this happening to me?  What can I expect in my near future?  How can I heal my emotional life?  How can I heal my past?  What is the purpose of my life?  Who is my guardian angel?  What message angels have for me?  What message spiritual guides have for me?  How can I protect my self from being manipulated?  I'm lost and do not know where to go? RULES FOR MY FREE CHAT:  Everyone who comes to my free chat has to read my profile first.  In free chat I give only short, general estimates of your state which can not give a complete answer to the solution of your problems . Questions that you ask are too complex to be answered in a few minutes.  The questions you are asking are very important for your life and deserve privacy, set aside time and honesty.  I do not answer questions for financial investments.  I am a healer, but I'm not a doctor. I do not provide services to people who have been diagnosed mental illness because I'm not a psychiatrist.  You can contact me with full confidence and ask a question which can be a guideline in your life. I will be very happy if I can serve you in any way. If you enjoyed a private reading with me, please leave feedback so that others can read about your positive experience.