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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en,no
Email readings: No
Experience: 10-15 years
Topics: pendulum,dream interpretation,crystal reading,clairvoyance,crystal healing,holistic healing,natural healing,chakra healing,angel readings,angel communication,angel healing,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies years

I am empathic and can pick up the emotions of others before they are aware of them , them selvs i have visions sometimes and i guess im a dreamer.. a few of my old dreams that i had years ago have come true in vivid detail.. plus im a good tarot reader i can sometiime read your mind . and i have a excellent intuition which has never been wrong .. so give me a try , you wont regret it ... new rules as of today.... no more free readings in my room unless i gave you a private reading at least once before .. . whatever you need to know pull me into private .. and i wont let you down ... that includes yes and no questions . and as of oct 3rd i will be raising my price as well . my room is meant for me to make a connection with you first and before you pull me into private a wee chat for about 10 mins first is prefered .. i urge everyone to read my profile as well as my feedback from other members .. im the real deal people and my time is valuable to me as well as to you.. 1) be polite and even if your only a guest on this site at least say hello. 2) no profanity is allowed as it says clearly that you are immature and need to work though some issues . 3) no arguements will be tolerated and i will kick who ever starts and feeds it . 4) no asking for free readings and no asking for questions to be answered when you all know or should know the site rules . 5) patience is a virtue in my room as well as in real life so please try . 6) please do hang out in my room for a while before pulling me into private as this will establish a better relationship and a better reading . . 7) started monday the 24th of oct i will no longer be giving free general one card readings , because im switching over to demos where my clients and friends will be able to ask a question . . 8) respect others in my room when im trying to help someone in free chat and the situation is dire then please just follow what is being said . . now that the rules are out the way . id like to explain my abilities to you better .. i have always had the gift but til recently i have not really been aware of it til i jointed this site as a psychic . back in my mid teens i have had two out of body experiences which were both unwilling and they frightened me esp the one when i was 16 . i have successfully predicted for my brothers a job oppreitunity when i told them to watch the local news one night about 7 years ago . which also lead to a years worth of work as PA on about 10 different movie sets all big movies . recently i predicted for my sister a upcoming long term romance about 6 weeks before she met the guy and yes they are still together . i predicted for my best friend that she would end up engaged to the love of her life by the years end and that also came true . back in 99 during a spoof fliming about the end of the world i predicted that a tidal wave would hit and kill 1000s which did happen in 04 til recently i did not realize this . so yes i am psychic and i intend to improve this gift of mine to the best of its ability . yet bare in mind that things happen over the course of time and just keep an eye open to things like this . Id like to take some time to update you all on another prediction of mine that came true .. Back in Dec , i posted on a friends facebook page a birthday wish . which was this .. all of his wishes and dreams for the his next birthday year will come true . now at the time i was being supportive and sweet like i always am .. lo and behold within 5 months two of his wishes did in fact come true .. he now has a steady good paying job and he has a new home . at the time of the bday wish he was unemployed and homeless . also hes about to get his son back home for good .. which was and is his deepest wish.. now when i found this out i was soo proud of my self and him .. and soo happy it made my day ... blessed be my friends .. love : Alysha. PS all of my previous predictions for my family and friends i gave without the tarot deck . so lets wait and see how correct i am . .. peace ... psss! i promised my self that i would follow the leader o here but this review i just have to...