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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: No
Experience: 25-30 years
Topics: angel card reading,love and sex,home and family,career and business,travelling and relocation,mind and body years

About me… I am a professional psychic and medium with many years of experience using a variety of divination methods to gain clarity on all areas of life. I frequently use the Tarot and a Pendulum in my private chats, but I am not limited to these specific tools. Depending on how Spirit moves me, I may utilize a different tool at my disposal, such as bones or runes. I frequently channel information from my guides during private chats, and can certainly connect you with departed loved ones who may have messages to relay to you. I encourage anyone who would like a reading to meet with me in the free chat area so that we can talk about what it is that I could help you with and truly connect before moving into the private chat area. See you soon! ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ SPECIALTIES ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ *Professional Psychic & Medium *Clairaudient & Clairsentient *Over 25 years experience *Professional therapist *Hoodoo Conjurer & Rootworker *Pendulum & Wax Divination (Ceromancy) *Numerology ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ SERVICES ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ *Love & Relationship Advice *Career Counseling *Rootwork / Spell casting education *Tarot Divination and Education *Dream Analysis & Education *Ceromancy *Spirit Channeling *Numerology Reading ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ DEGREES / MEMBERSHIPS ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ *Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology *Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church *Active Member – American Tarot Association *Active Member – Tarot Guild ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ PRIVATE CHAT TOPICS ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ *Does he/she love you? *What can you do to bring him/her back? *Will he/she be faithful to you? *How do you stop feeling so down? *Are you on the right career path? *When will you finally find the right job and be financially stable? *When will your situation change? What can you do to get ahead? *What rootwork/spellwork will help remediate your situation? ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ READINGS ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ *Find clarity and direction. *Talk privately with a nonjudgmental friend you can trust. *Make better decisions in all areas of life. *To improve all areas of life and find a new sense of mastery. *Learn how to manage your feelings and moods. *Learn techniques to help you reduce your anxiety and ground yourself when needed. *Heal your relationships. *Make contact and receive messages from deceased loved ones and spirit guides. *How to bring love into your life and heal your relationships. ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ TESTIMONIALS ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ “Wow gave me a peace of mind on my dad and has helped us through this very difficult time.” -- curielpatricia, santa clarita “Love Mimi, she is great. Truthful and respectful always gets me to a tee!! Xx” -- tickleme2011, Van City “Always a great read, and very on spot with details, luv her! x0x. “ -- rachel1312, australia “Absolutely a great person. Kind and sweet, but most importantly she is a great psychic. I had three very different and not connected questions and she was excellent at picking up on the situations. People, details and her predictions were not sugar coated, but so deeply grounded in reality as I know it. I absolutely have no doubt of the accuracy, especially that her assessment of my past and present was so perfectly accurate. Five stars and I will be back.” -- AnnaMariaEwa, USA “Trustworthy, sincere, concerned and very accurate. She connects fast and very honest. She tells the truth just as it is. Gentle soul. 5 stars rating will use again!!!!” -- dominquez1, New Orleans “I was chosen for a demo reading and being shocked at her accuracy I decided to request an email. Mimi was extremely in tune with my situation. The email I received was like she was reading me completely, I am so amazed, she is extraordinary. The help and explanation I received were more than I ever got on Oranum. She explained all from every possible angle. Great, fantastic, please try her. I cannot thank her more, its like she was solving the puzzles that are in my head... xoxo” -- Malinda2011 ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ SPECIAL NOTE ~*~~*~~*~~*~~*~ I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose, treat, nor provide you with medical advice of any kind – ever. I am not a lawyer and cannot not offer legal advice. Remember, this website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Predictions are based on the probable outcome if the current path remains the same. You always can exercise free will, which can change the end result. As a courtesy to others in the chatroom, please let me know you when you are about to take me into private chat. I am always available when needed, but no one appreciates when psychics disappear abruptly. Also, please use common sense with regards to what is appropriate to share in the chatroom. In addition, please do not disrupt the chatroom discussion with freebie requests. They are not honored. A good psychic needs to give you their undivided and focused attention to respond accurately, and the free chat area is not the place to do that. Blessings, Mimi