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psychic medium
psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 15-20 years
Topics: western astrology,tarot reading,lenomard card reading,angel card reading,numerology readings,pendulum,dream interpretation,crystal reading,clairvoyance,angel readings,love and sex,home and family,career and business,finance and law years

My name is Shawn Casey,a witch, high priest and psychic medium with advanced skills in tarot. For more than 12 years I have been developing and using my abilities. By all means my abilities are natural and given at birth. Since I was a child, around the age of 7, my mother told me that I would predict things that would soon happen, communicate with dead loved ones, and see into peoples past. I have been able to teach myself all that I know since the time of knowing it and that is how I apply it to my readings today. A holy grail of major psychic abilities. I am talented and kind so I am able to help you connect to the unseen world and I am able to help bring clarity into your life. I am here to provide you with insight and communicate with any supernatural presence that may be making itself known to you recently or has been for many years. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHAT TO EXPECT HERE !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Im here to help you out so lets be friends come by and chat and let me know what you want to talk about because in my chat room we can experience love and acceptance in a free flow non-judgmental environment, be yourself ! It's a place of bliss and love. From the Greek times to the Egyptian times my gifts are flourishing from past powers so i use them today to better guide you, with a true divine power from me to you ! blessed be ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE STUFF ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE ANGEL OR FAIRY ORACLE CARD DRAWN FOR YOU ! This will encourage you to come over and have a private chat with me, i give these because everyone needs a bit of free guidance sometimes ! love and light. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MY ABILITIES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clairaudient – ability to hear beyond the physical hearing; such as voices, music and sounds. Clairsentient – ability to feel or sense beyond the physical; such as gaining information through the five physical senses (heightened), intuition or ‘gut feelings’. Clairvoyance – ability to see beyond the physical sight; could be in the form of telepathy, precognition. Can receive information in the form of symbols; mind pictures; overlays (example: seeing past and present at same time). Medium – ability to communicate with those who have crossed over (deceased). It can be getting messages from a deceased loved one or strangers. Empath – ability to sense and/or feel others emotions, or residual emotions. Light Worker- ability to bring positive healing energy into one's life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TOOLS USED ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Along with my given abilities listed above you will also be given the following list of tools i use within a consultation TAROT- ORACLE- RUNES- CRYSTALS- ENERGY- You may select which tool you wish for me to use more, however i always tarot and oracle within my readings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STAR REVIEWS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( Yoogii00, Hamilton ) Wow! Shawn was able to connect instantly! Caught me off guard, lol! :) Provided fast, detailed information including names. I know! Can't wait to see what happens! Highly, highly recommend for a private reading. Thank you so much Shawn! xo ( rainbownz, nz) Beautiful connection with my grandparents in spirit, such a beautiful reading! I'm gonna be awake trying to remember it all. Go private with this beautifully gifted man, you wont regret it! ( fialuz, Singapore ) bsolutely delightful to chat to and makes you feel at ease. Also surprisingly insightful, having picked up on some key details of my current situation. Genuinely wants to help and forthcoming with advice. Thank you for reading for me :) (Sophie ) Most trusted person on here, so glad I've chatted with Shawn, he is amazingly good and will tell you the truth. He is just amazing!