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psychic medium
Languages: en
Email readings: Yes
Experience: 10-15 years
Topics: tarot reading,pendulum,reiki,love and sex,mind and body,health and healing,rituals and energies,lost and found years

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ANNOUNCEMENT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Look in schedule for Happy Hour`s when i do readings, demo and many many surprises and also charge special prices. My name is Marcus and I am so glad that you have stopped by to check me out. I've been a psychic reader for more than 10 years and in that time I've addressed many different aspects of divination. I am open-minded because that is the only way that I know how to be. First of all let me tell you some words about me and my experience. When I was 11 years old I had a dream that repeted 3 mounth in a row every night. I was dreming that an older man was telling me that my mission on this life is to help people around me. At a time I took the decision to talk with my mother about this and told her all this story, she told me that this is a nightmare and forgot about it. From that time I was asking myself what I can do to fullfil this mission. My first step was to ask people around me about occult stuff, that is how I discovered Tarot, an old lady offered my an Italian tarot deck. After this at the age of 19 I entered in School of Magic and Witchcraft witch I gratuated 3 year`s later with degree Veneficus( witch means that i know to use magic spell and rituals but I am still young to be considered a Magician, witch is the supreme degree). Right now I have a personal studio where I offer consultation face to face, and I also work here on Oranum. Are YOU looking for Answers about: ??? Love, Relationships, Career Decisions, Money, Stress or Health ??? Look no further, the universe has already connected us. Do you Feel Lost? Do you Feel Alone? Are you in the need of Guidance? Then You've come to the right Place! What I can Do For you I offer exceptional Guidance. And understanding to you. Because of my unique abilities. I am a spiritual adviser and life coach. I've been helping and guiding people all over the world for over 10 years. I am highly skilled and superior in my field. With my unique methods of Crystals, Candles, or Oils, and my combination of Prayer & Meditation, I can direct you and your loved ones on the right path. There is no obstacle I cannot overcome for you. with your faith and my abilities, we together can overcome all negative spirits, About Me. I have been Practicing many types of spiritual healing techniques for over 10 years. Life's ups and downs are tough. I encourage my clients to know that they are not alone. I have the way's to help you. Its up to you to take that first step. I am in the business of helping... Spiritually, Physically, and Emotionally. An emotional let down, Like your loved one leaving you. Can drop the will of even the strongest people. Let me get your life back on track. I play no games. I don't waste time.